A House - Outcast
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Joshua is in his bedroom watching a cockroach crawl on the wall. He smashes it with his head then eats the guts along with his own blood which there is a lot of on his face. There is definitely something wrong with the boy. He walks downstairs in an odd way where his mom and sister are fighting. He goes into the cabinet for chips. While eating, he accidentally bites his finger and it bleeds. When his mom sees him, she tells him to stop eating chips, but when he turns around, he's eating his finger. She screams.

Reverend Anderson is playing cards with a couple of county cops. He's interrupted by his secretary who tells him that Betsy, Joshua's mom, needs to speak with him.

Kyle Barnes is sleeping on a mattress on the floor when Megan starts banging on his door. He wakes up and goes into a pantry to get cereal. He ignores the door, but eventually opens it. His house is in disarray. He also has flashbacks regarding the pantry when his mom threw him in there when he was a child.

Megan wants to take him grocery shopping and he agrees.

She goes outside to wait for him and as he's going to his bedroom to get changed, he has another flashback of him and his mother who's possessed.

Reverend Anderson visits Betsy. He wants to see Joshua, but she is hesitant.

At the grocery store, people are staring at Kyle. She brings him a cell phone she's going to buy for him. Two ladies approach him and ask him to pray for Joshua who appears to be possessed.

Megan scoffs at the old women after they leave. They finish their purchases and leave.

At Betsy's house, Joshua is going crazy. Reverend Anderson is trying to calm him down, but to no avail. He starts performing exorcism rituals.

Kyle and Megan are driving home. He asks about Joshua. She takes him to her house so he can have a hot shower and invites him for dinner. He's unsure, but agrees. Her husband, Mark, comes home and is not happy to see him. They have a daughter and he is fearful for her. When Holly is asked to leave the kitchen she visits her uncle in the living room and asks about his daughter. This upsets Kyle and he storms out. Holly tells her parents who don't pursue Kyle.

Kyle is at home sleeping. He hears a car leaving. Megan left the groceries at this door. He calls his wife/girlfriend Allison and then hangs up, destroying the phone afterwards in frustration.

He goes to the neighbor's house to ask to borrow the car. He drives to Joshua's house looking for Reverend Anderson. Anderson wants to bring Kyle to see Joshua, but Kyle refuses then agrees.

Joshua knows Kyle, at least the spirit in him. He tells Kyle all sorts of things about his past. Kyle thinks Joshua is faking it. Joshua attacks him and tires to suck the life force out of him before Kyle fights him off. Kyle's mom had the same entity in her.

Anderson returns to the church and sees graffiti of a devil. He tells the maintenance guy to just leave it.

Kyle visits his mom in a home. She is in a catatonic state.He has a flashback where he remembers that his tears burned his mother/demon's hand.

Kyle returns the car keys to his neighbor who invites him for dinner. He apologizes to Kyle for not doing anything to help him when he was little.

Anderson comes to pick Kyle up for another day of trying to exorcize Joshua's demon. Joshua doesn't like the light and Kyle pulls the curtain which causes Joshua to fid in the dark corners of the room.

Joshua attacks Kyle again and again tries to suck the life force out of him. Kyle remembers what he did to stop his mom and punches Joshua. They levitate as Kyle continues to punch him when Joshua bites him. Kyle's blood burns Joshua and he screams. Anderson stops Kyle from killing Joshua. Joshua vomits out the demon spirit and is back to normal. The spirit circles the ceiling before disappearing.

Kyle has been arrested, but is let go after Andersen explains the situation. Mark is not happy, but the other cop explains that Betsy won't be pressing charges so there is no case. Kyle is released.

Anderson takes him home. Kyle has another flashback. The demon spirit is after Kyle, but there is no answers as to why. Besides his mom, it also possessed his wife Alison. After the flashback, Kyle whispers for the entity to come and get him.


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Outcast Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Kyle: Do your 12-year-old students notice your condescending tone, or is that just me?
Megan: Pretty much just you.

Your mother was sick, and some people in this backwards town are crazy.