Jail Time - Outcast Season 1 Episode 3
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Blake is on a blind date with Luke and his wife. He keeps throwing gutter balls, but then something overcomes him. He insults his date before everyone leaves.

At Luke's house, Blake apologizes for his stupidity, but he's not feeling well. The wife sends her hubby, Luke, to the store to get some medicine and such for Blake.

Blake lays on couch. After husband leaves, Blake attacks the wife and kills her. Hubby comes home and sees the carnage.

Kyle and Reverend Anderson are driving the the prison where Blake is being held. On the way, they talk about vices and how Jesus wants people to use the buddy system. The picture of his son flies out of the car and he stops by the side of the road to find it, but can't. In the process, he almost gets killed by a speeding truck.

Megan and Mark are having sex when their daughter interrupts.

The Reverend and Kyle meet with Luke at the prison. The cop doesn't want to let Reverend take in his exorcism gear, but Luke insists.

Mark asks Chief Giles to let him investigate the trailer. Giles is sarcastic about it. He really doesn't want him to do it, but he gives him a kit anyway.

At the prison, Blake taunts Luke about what he did to his wife.

Megan is on the way to work when she sees someone she knows get out of the car at the Baymont Inn. She's really bothered by it.

Blake continues to talk and the Reverend tries to use his mojo on him. Blake pretends it's affecting him, but it's all a ruse. The Reverend wants to leave, but Kyle says no. He goes up to the guy and lays hands on him causing him to burn.

At work Megan is talking to a little girl when something overcomes her. At first it seems like it might be demon related, but it's just her freaking out when she sees a red car like the one she saw the guy get out of at the Baymont.

At the prison, Black tells Kyle he's the outcast. Kyle wants to know why he's called that. Blake taunts him without giving him an answer. Kyle beats him up, but it doesn't really work on Blake. The Reverend wants to leave, but Kyle tells Reverend he doesn't want to be like him, he wants his family back.

Mark is gathering evidence at the trailer including a watch and a fingernail.

Megan goes to the Baymont to ask about Donnie Hill. She gets his room number.

In another hotel, The Black Hat Man is shaving.

Blake claims he's not a demon and nothing the Reverend or Kyle can do will get it out of Blake's body. The Reverend is aggravated. He mocks him. Kyle is done and leave. He's not helping anymore.

Luke is waiting outside and doesn't want him to leave. He thinks Kyle has the power because of what he heard about Joshua.

Megan visits room 117. Donnie is not there having left a short time ago. Tension is built as Megan is snooping and Mark is gathering evidence. The scenes cut back and forth. The fingernail Mark finds is similar to the fingernail Norville found in his garbage disposal.

Donnie gets back to hotel. Mark is done with the investigation and leaves the trailer only to come across a rabid dog. Megan looks at Donnie's computer and sees he's been watching her via social media. She sits on the bed and starts crying. Donnie is right around the corner. The dog is ready to attack Mark, but Mark pulls out a sandwich. Donnie opens the door, but Megan is not there. Mark throws the sandwich to the dog and the dog goes away. Megan has apparently slipped out of the room.

The Black Hat Man is getting ready to leave. He coughs up black ink-like blood. He leaves the motel and gets into his black car.

Reverend is still trying to exorcize the demon out of Blake with no success. Blake just taunts and makes fun of him. Blake somehow gets one of his hands out of the cuffs and attacks the Reverend. Kyle frees the Reverend and tries to beat the demon out of Blake, but it's not working. This one is different.

Mark is back at headquarters boasting to Chief Giles about his investigation. The Chief is not too thrilled and orders him to put everything in his office and he'll take it from here.

Kyle and the Reverend have left the prison. The Reverend still has hope that they can remove the demon out of Blake. Kyle isn't so sure.

Mark comes home and snuggles with Megan in bed. They attempt to have sex, but Megan freaks out. She says nothing about Donnie.

Kyle is at home tending to his wounds from the prison fight. His blood is red.

Luke visits Blake who is tied to a bed. Blake taunts him and Luke tries to suffocate him, but stops. He's taunted again as he walks away.

The Reverend returns to the side of the road looking for his son's picture. He's falls to his knees and cries then leaves. As he drives away, we see the picture was right there.

Kyle sees something odd at Norville's place and goes to visit. He knocks on the door, but no answer. He walks in and finds Norville dead, having sliced his own wrists.


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Outcast Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Reverend Anderson: Smoke bother you?
Kyle: No, it's great. Adds to all the wonderful smells in this car.

Call me old fashioned, but I think our vices should leave a rotten taste in our mouths. Helps keep us honest. It's what God invented the hangover for.

Reverend Anderson