Speaking the truth - Outcast Season 1 Episode 2
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An eye is closed, dreaming, then it opens. Only one eye. We come upon a scene of such summery serenity. Kyle and his mom are enjoying a summer day. He swings on a swing, they run through the grass, she's watering flowers when something happens and she falls to the ground smearing mud all over her face.

Kyle watches in horror. Back to the present, Kyle finally has the water turned on and he is testing it for the first time. It comes out muddy before it finally clears up.

Reverend Anderson is speaking at his sparsely filled church. He talks about the evil he saw and believes is still in Rome. While he talks, we see Kyle at home searching for a book. He finds a book and starts wrapping it when the tape falls under a buffet. 

Joshua is at church looking as normal as can be.

When Kyle finds the tape, he finds a tooth which makes him have more flashbacks, but this time they're about his mother after the happy.

At church an older guy dressed in black and wearing a black preacher-type hat is sitting in back row listening to the Reverend.

After church is over, Rev. Anderson is talking with some ladies outside about his speech. They flirt with him.

Kyle shows up to talk to him. They go inside and talk about what happened with Joshua. Kyle thinks that his mom is still trapped by whatever forces were in Joshua. He doesn't think his mother is free.

Later, Chief Giles visits the reverend who is painting over the graffitti. Giles is worried about the Reverend working with Kyle. He tells him that people are talking and that Kyle is full of darkness and should have been locked up.

A guy is walking into a police station carrying a bag with something bloody inside and the blood is dripping everywhere. Someone has been killing wild animals and nailing them to trees. Giles says he and Mark will investigate.

Kyle visits his mom at the nursing home. He talks to her about Joshua and has more freaky flashbacks of his mother attacking him. He's sad. Before he leaves he notices the ceiling is dripping and complains to a nurse who doesn't even know his mother's name. There is a sing a long taking place across the way, and it's weird to hear the oldsters singing "You Are My Sunshine" after seeing such horrific flashbacks.

The nurse tells him she'll have maintenance look at the room, but he is upset. He leaves, but goes back in and takes her out of there. He still has his neighbor's car and when the neighbor hears him drive up, he looks out the window and sees Kyle carrying his mother into the  house.

He walks over there trying to find out what's going on, but Kyle brushes him off and closes the door. The hat guy from the church is parked outside watching.

Kyle gets his mom situated, then goes to sleep on the couch.

The next morning Megan shows up with groceries. He won't let her in the house. She and Holly are going to his daughter's birthday party, and he asks her to bring the gift he wrapped. Megan isn't thrilled, but she takes it anyway. She says it violates the restraining order.

He makes his mom some banana mush and has flashbacks of him fighting with his mother, biting her and shoving her in the pantry.

Reverend Anderson has the church ladies over for tea and sandwiches. He wants them to help get more people in church. Patricia invites him over for supper as a thank you for blessing her garden. The other two older ladies are trying to make it happen. There is definite matchmaking happening. One of the old ladies asks about Kyle's involvement with Joshua and Anderson defends Kyle saying he helped save the boy.

Megan greets Alison at the party.

Chief Giles and Mark are still searching for the animals while talking about Kyle and Joshua. Mark is having a hard time believing in demons and thinks Kyle is a bad guy. Giles defends Anderson.

Kyle is trying to feed his mom, but it isn't working. He's frustrated and has more flashbacks. Sarah is calling for her son trying to convince him to unlock the pantry. When he does, she storms out and attacks him.

Megan and Alison talk about the situation. Megan defends Kyle.

Reverend Anderson shows up at Patricia's for supper. There is definite sexual tension there, but it's short lived when he gets a phone call about Kyle taking Sarah out of the nursing home. He has to leave, but asks for a raincheck.

Giles and Mark find the dead animal trail. They start following the trail. 

The Reverend shows up at Kyle's place. He's not happy about Kyle taking Sarah out and let's him know it. Kyle just wants everything to be like it was. He still thinks his mom is possessed and that maybe another exorcism will help. Anderson doesn't believe so, but he starts preparing for it anyway.

Giles and Mark find an abandoned trailer at the end of the dead animal trail. Something is watching them.

The Reverend performs the exorcism while has more disturbing flashbacks of him getting the demon out of his mother using the light, blood, tears, punching. When Anderson's exorcism isn't working, Kyle bangs his hand against a nail in the wall so he can squeeze blood out of it onto to his mother to try to get the demon out of her. It doesn't work.

Kyle is discouraged, but Anderson calms him down and talks to him while bandaging him up. He tells Kyle he has to let his mother go, if he wants to have his family back. Lots of layers in that statement.

Sarah is taken back to the nursing home. There are more violent flashbacks with Rev. Anderson finding an exhausted Kyle and Sarah. 

Kyle goes home from the nursing home. He finds a note from Megan telling him that Amber loved his present. He smiles like there's no tomorrow.

Alison finds Amber asleep with the book in her hands. She takes it and it's clear she knows it's from Kyle.

The hat guy visits Sarah at the nursing home and tells her that no matter how hard she fought they still have Kyle. He leaves and she sheds a tear.

The final scene shows the entity leaving her body. As she watches it hovers over Kyle, a tendril picking him up by the neck and choking him before finally letting go. This is what happened right before the Reverend broke in in the previous flashback. We can hear the Reverend banging on the door while it was all going on.

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Outcast Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The battle is coming. Unless we're prepared, the darkness will spew forth with the reek of a sewer drowning us in its corruption.

Reverend Anderson

Church is not optional. It is the only thing that will fortify us, that will sustain us, inoculate us against the darkness.

Reverend Anderson