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Reverend tends to his pentagram wound when Giles shows up. Anderson forgot about the card game and is going to cancel it, but changes his mind. Giles knows something is up.

Giles and Ogden go at it during the game. Giles trying to get information out of Ogden about the trailer. It eventually ends in a fist fight. Everyone leaves, but Giles stays behind after he sees bleeding through Anderson's shirt and questions him about it. Anderson tells him everything.

Megan is in bed with Holly and Mark. It's early. She gets up and leaves.

Allison is looking for Amber, but she's hiding in the closet. She doesn't want to come out and when Allison opens the door, she shuts it again. Allison has a flashback of choking Amber.

Kyle is at home and sees the paper. The headline is about remembering the 29 who were lost. He has a flashback to the coal refinery with his friend Russ, who burns when Kyle touches him. Giles shows up. He wants to know why Kyle came back and then takes him for a ride to the burnt out trailer. He hopes Kyle can sense something, but he can't.

The town is getting ready for Remembrance Day. Someone is walking the Reverend through the ceremony. He spots Sidney and starts to follow him. Patricia sees him. They talk, then the Reverend kisses her. He doesn't care if anyone sees. He continues to follow Sidney into a barbershop. He sort of confronts Sidney.

Allison is looking at a pile of Amber's artwork. There's one drawing of Amber holding her dad's hand and Allison off to the side with no face. When Amber comes down she asks about it and tells Allison she didn't know which face to draw.

Kyle is in town. He's walking down the street and makes eye contact with Giles. It's apparent he's going to test Ogden to see if he's possessed. When he shakes his hand, there is no reaction.

Megan is at the hospital and gives Donnie all the money she has. She hopes it will be enough for him to leave them alone.

Allison goes upstairs while Amber is outside and discovers a drawing of her with black smoke coming out of her mouth in the back of Amber's closet.

At the Remembrance Day memorial, Ogden tells Giles to look the other way. A group of men bring up a box of lumps of coal with people's names written on them. The box is set on fire.

Kyle finds Mark and Holly, but no Megan. Ogden's wife is passing out cup candles. When she touches Kyle accidentally, she burns.

Reverend Anderson is introduced and sort of goes off topic. When the memorial is revealed, a pentagram has been drawn on its chest (it's a coal miner) just how the pentagram on Anderson's chest is drawn. This causes Anderson to go off the deep end where he accuses Sidney of being the devil then exposes his own chest showing the pentagram. 

Kyle grabs Anderson and pulls him away, takes him home. Anderson knows he made a mistake.

Giles calls Mark into his office and shows him the video of the beating. Donnie is apparently pressing charges.

Allison and Amber are at Kyle's place.

Mark tells Megan he's been suspended. Megan tells him about the money. They have an argument. 

Kyle tucks Amber in for bed. She tells him she saw everything and that the black smoke left her mother. Kyle goes out to the living room and he and Allison have sex. In the morning Allison is gone. She's left a note for him to take care of Amber. It's apparent, she's just abandoned her kid.

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Outcast Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Why did you come back?


Ogden: You are so goddamn interested in my private life? I ask ou for an update every time you take a dump? Everytime you screw your wife?
Reverend Anderson: We oughta call it a night.
Giles: We like to do it on Wednesdays. Sort of a tradition, you know?