Elizabeth Mitchell as Carla Limbrey - Outer Banks
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Sarah and John B leave the boat and realize they need food and gas.

They cut through a restaurant and John B pushes a waiter into a guest.

The guest flips out because of the cost of his suit, while Sarah sneakily steals the money.

They make their way to a story. John B goes in to pay for the gas and Sarah loads it up.

The man who they stole the money from passes and notices them.

Meanwhile, JJ, Pope, and Kie arrive at the Limbrey residence and the doorman is cold as ice.

He says that Pope should have come alone and he's the only one getting in.

Once inside, Pope meets Carla Limbrey, who pulls zero punches.

She says she wants a key that leads to the big treasure and that she worked with Ward before, but he double-crossed her, much like he did John B's family.

This does not sit well Pope, who says he doesn't have the key.

Carla shows him the slave quarters and tells him a tall tale. She then says that there's no way Pope is leaving and comes to the conclusion his family will bring him the key should they know about him being kidnapped.

Pope runs and fights with the goon as Kie and JJ arrive to help.

They rush off in the truck, but the goon follows in his own car. They almost knock down John B and Sarah who are in the road running from the man they stole money from.

The truck breaks down and they wind up meeting John B and Sarah and getting in a cart.

They all narrowly escape and get on the boat to return to Outer Banks.

When they return, they meet up and get drunk, but the news travels fast that they are back.

Rafe and his friend go to the hideout and fire stray shots, confirming he will kill again if he gets the chance.

Sarah decides the next morning to visit her father and gets two hours with him.

But her father isn't listening. He won't turn himself in or Rafe and says that although Sarah has always been his favorite, he wants to keep the family together.

Sarah leaves and says their relationship is over. Ward calls the cops to report John B as being on the island.

As the Pogues prepare to leave, the cops arrived.

JJ says that they can take a stand and he pulls out the gun.

John decides that enough is enough and hides the gun and surrenders to the police.

He is beaten up by a cop saying, "This is for Sheriff Peterkin."


Outer Banks
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Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

We gotta get some food. Follow my lead.

John B

That looks so good. I'm starving.

John B