Lovers Embracing - Outer Banks
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John B and Sarah are shocked to discover her injuries.

Terrence is surprisingly helpful, giving them the location of a doctor he knows and telling them he will wait 8 hours for them.

Cleo wants Sarah to be safe and tells John B he has to take care of her.

Terrence wastes no time in planning to go back on the deal, but Cleo sets him straight.

Someone is taking a photo of a family as Sarah and John B arrive at the doctor and accidentally are in the frame.

The doctor says he will help because Terrence is a friend, but there are some dire consequences.

The bullet is removed successfully, but Sarah has lost too much blood and flatlines.

The doctor says she's dead and John B relentlessly tries to resuscitate her.

Just when he gives up, he realizes she has a faint pulse and she moves her finger.

As she comes to, they realize they need to escape.

The cops attack Terrence and the boat with the gold as Ward and Rafe arrive to collect the spoils of war.

Ward argues with Rafe for trying to aim a gun at his sister, but Rafe is defiant, saying that he doesn't care about her.

John B and Sarah are being hunted by the authorities and rush in their car through the streets to escape.

They knock down Cleo who ultimately leads them to safety in the form of a boat.

She refuses to go with them because she realizes they are endgame.

John B and Sarah unofficially marry on the boat leaving the Bahamas, exchanging vows.

They arrive in Charleston.

Back in Outer Banks, Pope did not get his scholar ship, but a letter from the Limbrey family says they want to meet him.

Kie and JJ want to go along for the ride, but Kie's mother yells at her, saying she's making too many bad decisions.

Kie hates this because her mom was in a relationship with a Pogue.

Her mother tells her she is not getting back in the house if she leaves and confirms her intention to send her to boarding school.

The teens embark on the mission to Charleston, but their car breaks down. They get a ride and JJ wonders where John B and Sarah are.

Little does he know, they're driving below the bridge on a boat.


Outer Banks
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If you're lying, I'll kill you!


Kie: Are you OK?
JJ: 'Sup?

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