Saving His Wife - Outer Banks
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The mission to save Sarah continues.

The Pogues are in the shipping container and she's being cornered by her father.

She doesn't want to talk to him and wants out of the room.

In the Stateroom, she tricks Rose to escape and calls the cops, but she is caught.

She sneaks off and her father hits her. She escapes and locks him inside.

He gets out and tries to strangle her, saying she isn't "one of them."

John B arrives and batters him.

Sarah gives him the go ahead to kill her father, but John B decides against it, saying he's not a coward.

The mission to save the gold continues.

Pope and Cleo work together, but it's too late. Pope realizes the gold is better in the water so no one can use it.

As he lets it go, Rafe and his goons try to salvage it. They succeed.

JJ is injured by some dude on the boat, leading to a big turn of events.

Kie tries to save him. The Pogues including Cleo are escaping on the boat and Rafe gets ready to open fire, but his conscience takes over.

Rafe tells his father he will find them.

The Pogues are in the Caribbean chilling and pondering their future, while back home, they are declared missing.

Limbrey goes to Barbados and meets with ... John B's father!

He tells her to keep his son safe.

Outer Banks
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Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

You need to keep my son safe.

Big John B

You aren't one of us.