Sealing the Fate of Limbrey - Outer Banks
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Sarah tells the Pogues about what she saw in the house and they all go back to get answers. It marks a wild turn of events for them, but they go to goat island.

Once there, they bump into the bad guys, but manage to hide.

Limbrey is pissed there is nothing there aside from a grave.

They leave.

Pope asks his friends to help put the grave at peace, something they all agree to.

As questions arise, they start to check out the church.

Pope goes up to the ceiling and climbs around and realizes the beam is hollow. He goes out.

They pry it open and get answers when the cross falls out.

It nearly hits all of them.

Topper was tracking Sarah's phone and Rafe uses it to track them all back to the island.

Meanwhile, John B is attacked by an alligator and somehow gets up to tell the tale.

JJ's dad asks for help and he and Kie reluctantly help him skip town, but not before Kie gets her own words into his brain about the way he has treated his son.

The father and sone part ways, for what seems to be for good. Who knows, though?

Outer Banks
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Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

If you're lying, I'll kill you!


Kie: Are you OK?
JJ: 'Sup?

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