In the Bushes - Outer Banks
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Sarah creates a distraction to get John B away from the field of view of the camera.

The duo ultimately escapes, but there's still more drama on the horizon for them.

Back in Outer Banks, the remaining Pogues go to the construction site, where they see Ward shooting Gavin after a big bust-up.

Pope records it, but Kie can't resist screaming that Ward is a killer.

He drops the gun and the rain takes it down a drain.

Ward goes after the teenagers, and they damage the camera while trying to run away.

Kie calls the cops and they are not impressed with the tale.

Gavin's body is gone and Shoupe is mad because they don't have footage and thinks they wasted time.

Ward asks Rafe for help getting rid of the body and finding the gun.

Rafe goes to the waterworks to get answers and realizes Kie, JJ, and Pope are down below.

He turns them on, thinking they're going to be killed, but Kie emerges with the gun.

They take it to Shoupe who says he can't do anything. The Pogues are livid, but he keeps the gun in his drawer.

Sarah contacts her sister and tells her she's alive, but she needs to find out when their dad is planning to go to the Bahamas.

Rose listens and knows something is going down.

Back in the Bahamas, Sarah turns to Terrence, Cleo, and Stubs, offering them a cut of the money, but they want more.

They are going to organize a heist to steal the gold. Cleo warns Sarah that Terrence is not to be trusted.

They intercept the van with the gold. Terence tells Rafe and Ward to keep their heads down, but Ward realizes Sarah is a part of the operation.

He's surprised she's alive and Rafe tries to turn a gun on them.

Terrence gets the upper hand.

John B tries to shoot Ward, but him and Sarah ultimately escape.

They are pursued by Ward's security team.

Sarah realizes she has been shot as John B looks on in horror.

Outer Banks
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Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

If you're lying, I'll kill you!


Kie: Are you OK?
JJ: 'Sup?

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