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Sex! Of the oral variety, if we're taking notes. And, we are. Just before it's Claire's special time, there is a knock at the door. How very rude. It seems that may actually help her along. No, he's not exactly feeble, my friend!

The Duke of Sandringham has arrived. He has always thought favorably about Jamie. He could lift the price on Jamie's head. Claire shares with Jamie what she knows of the Duke and Black Jack.

Claire isn't hopeful, but Jamie is. Ned isn't too keen on the idea, either. Ned wants to try to talk the Duke into realizing friendship with Black Jack is bad for his position.

Claire confronts Laoghaire about Jamie. Oh they're both pissed and Laoghaire has somethings to say about Jamie's need to be drunk before plowing the cold English bitches field and the like, but most importantly, she reveals who sold her the talisman. Geillis!

Claire finds Geillis doing a dance similar to those at the stones at Craig Na Dun, if not the exact same dance. After a discussion about Geillis' hardened nipples, much like acorns, Claire notices Geillis is pregnant. Geillis agrees and reveals the child is that of Dougal MacKenzie. She was summoning mother nature to ask for the freedom of both her and Dougal.

Geillis has no idea the trinket for Laoghaire would be used on Claire. She also reveals Dougal has a wife, which is an utter surprise to Claire. Then Claire remembers the Duke was a suspected Jacobite.

They happen upon a fairy hill or fae or some other spelling, and hear a baby. Claire is horrified to hear a changeling child has been let there and that the fairies might come and take another child to give in the place of this one if she upsets the balance. Claire cannot stop and goes to the baby. It is blue when she reaches it.

Jamie finds her there, who knows how long later. He takes the baby from her arms ad replaces it into the tree where she found it. He gives the sign of the cross and then explains the ways of the church and the fairies.

Jamie writes a letter in his excitement to meet with the Duke. Again, Claire isn't thinking much will come of it, so much so that the next day she goes to see him before his meeting with Jamie. He's an utter ass who says she was sent to soften him before reading the letter. Somehow, faith is restored in Claire and I start to believe she will make it right.

The Duke tickles himself when he says libelous falsities and wants it written down for the book he's writing. What a boob.

When she asks about the Jacobite gold Dougal may have given to him, he isn't impressed. She assures him she needs his friendship and he insults her neck, something about marking it, another witticism for his book. He, of course, doesn't want to be over hasty about Jamie. He's such a great lad his petitions deserve to be heard.

Claire gets back to the castle to learn Dougal is in a rage after learning his wife has passed from a fever. Colum wants her to work some magic with her herbs. It seems magic with the news of Geillis' pregnancy would be a lot better at a time like this, but that's just me!

Seeing everyone just standing around watching him rage is a bit odd. He does have a sword, however. Angus just plain offers up the potion from Claire. It's wine, after all, and he's drunk as hell. Will he drink it or smash it? He drinks it!!! Pretty much all of it. He immediately starts to fall to the ground and I hope it's not just valerian, or I want the valerian Claire has because the stuff I use to sleep isn't close.

The men carry him off as if he's in a casket.

Geillis finds Claire in the market the next day and she's smiling about the death of Dougal's wife. She doesn't know if the summoning worked or if it didn't, but she's still happy.

Jamie arrives at the Duke's residence and the chat appears to be going well. Murtagh is wary of Jamie being the Duke's second in a duel with the MacDonald's.

The bird that will be served for the Duke's dinner looks damn near alive. As he takes the knife, I wonder if it is, but it's merely a cake. Ha!

As Colum welcomes the Duke, you have to wonder if he'd be so welcoming if he knew he was a closed Jacobite. He doesn't like the whole idea of harboring traitor's, even his own brother.

The Duke is appropriately surprised to meet Claire when introduced. She's not pleased at the quid pro quo he's arranged. He is right, however, that if anything happens to him the petition will never reach London.

As the festivities continue, Geillis' husband falls to the ground. While Geillis and Dougal look on hopefully, Claire rushes to his aide. He's dead. It would be odd to strike up the music as the couple had a most happy look on their faces and even Colum noticed. Before Geillis screamed in agony, Claire knew her husband had been poisoned by cyanide thanks to the smell of bitter almonds from his mouth.

Jamie and a member of the MacDougal clan mark their positions at the duel and the firsts (the Duke) step into place with their guns. They will fire upon the dropping of a handkerchief. So brutal. The duke wasn't even pointing at the other man. They just needed to fire, offer an apology and accept before drinking. Huh. That works.

The MacDonalds are real assholes and allow formerly good natured ribbings turn into a sword fight. Even Jamie is on the ground. The Duke is sorry, so desperately sorry, and he'll have to be on his away. He cannot be a part of a common brawl. Of course, he sort of gives away that he made a deal with Claire.

Colum is angry about pretty much everything, as usual. He must hate being a Laird. He asks Dougal to get the hell out, especially if he thinks he's marrying Geillis. Jamie mentions he wants to go home to Lallybroch and Colum says, um, no, not until I give my permission. He wants Jamie to watch Dougal's back to see to it he follows his orders.

Jamie prepares to head out with Dougal and Claire wants him to come back as soon as he can.

Jamie gets a letter from Geillis to come quick. She races off only to learn that she never sent the letter at all.

Geillis is surprised that Claire wonders that she may have killed her husband. She assures her the concern is misplaced. When Claire is inside, the wardens knock at the door. Claire asks her to run and she'll watch out for her. She won't have it. Dougal will never allow anything to happen to her. She doesn't know Dougal is gone.

Claire is arrested with Geillis and taken away in a caged cart.

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Outlander Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Geillis: That baby is no human child, it's a changeling.
Claire: What the hell are you talking about?

Geillis: You can come out now, Claire. I thought I heard a rustling in the bushes. But then again, I always like to imagine someone's watching me. You could have joined me, you know, but you English are a prudish people. It's really quite nice in spite of the chill.
Yes, it looked like you were enjoying yourself just fine.
Claire: It was the icy wind, whispering over my nipples. It makes them harden like acorns.
Geillis: So I can see. And you're pregnant. Congratulations.