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Claire is telling Jamie about flying in an airplane. He asks her for the first time what her age is and when she says 27, he's a little bit disappointed. He always thought she was his age, or a little bit younger. 

They arrive at Lallybroch and the first thing Jamie remembers is being whipped by Black Jack Randall.

Jamie sees Jenny and she tells him her son is named after him. He immediately says it's horrible that she named Black Jack Randall's son after her. He calls her a whore and then she calls Claire a trollop. His assumption that the kid was Black Jack's was not cool. A young man missing a leg comes around. Ian, his brother in law. Four years and they never wrote?

Jamie must know the story of what happened between Randall and Jenny. She promises to tell him once and never again. After beating Jamie, Randall took Jenny into the house, into the bedroom, sniffed her hair, touched her lips, painting them with Jamie's blood, putting his finger into her mouth. He fondled her breasts, made her put her hand onto his package and look at him while he breathed on her face and beat him over the head with a candlestick. He hit her, threw her onto the bed and began to undress. He had to try to get himself ready by fondling himself. When he couldn't, she laughed in his face. He hit her and she continued to laugh. The more he didn't like it, he more she laughed. He eventually knocked her out on the bed post. When she awoke, he was gone.

When Jenny demands and apology and Claire stands up for her, Jenny gets uppity and Jamie gets angry. Claire is embarrassing him in front of his family and his servants. It's his land and he's laird. They need to act as such. Behind closed doors, it's a different story. He compares her to Leticia, Colum's wife.

Jamie is relishing the title of laird. He's very excited to be home and shares with Claire all of his memories of his father in the laird's chamber. 

The last time Jamie saw his father was a week after he had been flogged the first time, at Fort William. We learn why Jamie was really flogged. Because Jamie wouldn't give his body over to Black Jack Randall. It wasn't Jenny who Randall wanted, it was Jamie. While Jamie was being flogged, Jamie's father died of a heart attack. He was taken away and buried and Jamie never knew any of it. He never ever saw his grave. 

Claire thinks Randall would probably still have flogged Jamie just for the sick pleasure it gave him, but Jamie will never know, and that is what haunts him.

Jenny wonders if Claire ever ran a house before. Nope. Jenny says she'll have a lot to learn. The next day is quarter day and Claire worries that it's kind of a public affair given the pardon hasn't come through. 

The day goes well and people think Jamie is a fair laird. Ian and Jenny seem skeptical. Later a little boy grabs a bannock off the table and man slaps the crap out of him. Claire offers to take him off the guys hands for while and takes him into the kitchen. When they get inside, it's apparent his father is abusing him. Claire wants to do something about it. Jamie's off drinking with his people.

Jamie later stumbles into the room drunk as a skunk. The next day he has a hell of a hangover. Jenny comes in, angry with Jamie for not collecting the rents, for fist fighting with the boy's father who subsequently threw him out and so much more. 

Just as the money situation becomes apparent, Jamie discovers the mill is no longer working. He says it would be a damn sight better if the wheel were turning. He strips and goes under the wheel. Just in time since the redcoats have arrived. The two of them sit prettily on top of Jamie's pile of clothes. 

Of course, the guy just so happens to be a whiz with mill wheels and Jamie tries to get it going before the guy jumps in himself. He's freezing in there and the guy finally moves on. Jamie is naked in the water and embarrassed, but Jenny sees the full extent, for the first time, of the wounds on Jamie's back. 

Claire and Ian bond over loving Frasers. He tries to tell her how to stay out of their arguments and yet push them in the direction to see the error of their ways.

Jenny shares with Jamie what she thought all this time. That he did something he like he always did to deserve the beating, like spouting his mouth off. But when she saw the scars, she believed that it was delivered in such anger that it was nothing he could have done and must have been her fault. Then Jamie admits it was his actions that angered Randall. He also blamed himself for killing his father. It's so typical to blame themselves and each other.

Their love is so deep for each other, and they're so thick skulled. It's absolutely adorable. 

Claire and Jamie have a beautiful night when she realizes she's happy and they're more in love than ever. That just means there's tough times ahead. Claire wakes up the next morning to someone holding a gun to Jamie's head downstairs.


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Outlander Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Jamie: What happened with Randall? I want to know. I need to know.
Jenny: Then I'll tell ye. Once. And never again.

Ian: And this would be...?
Claire: The trollop. Otherwise known as Claire Fraser.