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After being tossed into the thieves' hole, Claire realizes it was Laoghaire who set her up. Geillis isn't pleased that she's been cast in with Claire as a part of this lovers' spat. Claire calls Geillis out for killing her husband and Geillis finally admits to the white arsenic poisoning a few months ago.

Geillis finally learns Dougal has been banished. It's not the greatest timing to learn both of their men have been sent away. Geillis offers to share their food and cuddle for warmth, but Claire doesn't take her up on it. In the morning as people cry "burn the witches" Claire figures it's better than freezing to death.

They're taken past a fire thingy being rigged in the town square on their way to the witch trials. Once on the stand, Ned comes in to say the witch trials were tossed out years ago so it's time to ends it. In Scotland, accused witches are allowed to have counsel. 

The first witness is Geillis' housekeeper. She saw Geillis making love potions and Claire gathering herbs in the fields. Even worse, Geillis would sing in the halls when her husband was sleeping. Ned makes sure to make her sound like a malcontent maidservant. 

The next witness is the changeling baby's mother. We knew it would come up again. She spoke strange spells over the child and when the sun rose, the changeling was there and there was no sign of their weird bairn. Ned says that the mother's silence allowed Claire to contaminate the child, keeping the fairies from making the switch. Perhaps they should the woman.

Next up some fellow says Geillis lept into the air one night and flew like a winged bat. 

Claire is surprised to learn not only didn't Colum not send Ned, but he wouldn't look favorably upon him being there. Ned gives Claire water of Laithe to keep them warm at night. Geillis tries to get Claire to understand the people mean to kill them.

Claire laughs when she discovers Geillis is a Jacobite and that's how they came together. They bond during their second night together.

Laoghaire testifies against Claire saying she made a potion stealing Jamie's heart. Next is the priest who seems to be pissed because he was passed over when she didn't allow Mrs. Fitz's grandson to die. Instead, he admits he was wrong and she saved the young boys life. Without her, the boy would be dead and he's sorry he failed Thomas Baxter and cursed Claire's name. It works exactly as he had hoped. Instead of going well and in their favor, the people say it would take Satan himself to drive a priest away from God. 

Ned says one of them has to fall upon the sword and Geillis has been considered a witch longer than Claire. Geillis wants to know why Claire is here if she's going to have to die for for her. Geillis cannot believe Claire isn't there to change things and that it's all for nothing. She says she guesses she's going to a fucking barbecue. At the last minute, Claire changes her mind and doesn't give up Geillis. 

Claire screams and fights and is stripped and lashed while the court cheers in excitement. Jamie comes in with two swords and dares them to take him on. When Geillis sees it, she confesses in front of all of them, confessing to murder and witchcraft. She bears her smallpox vaccine. She screams that she has lain with and will have the child of Satan, who will dance forever more. Geillis is carried out of the courtroom half naked on her back, crying.

Jamie tends to Claire's lashes. He then asks if she's a witch because of the mark on her arm. He's half joking, but she's done joking. She tells him the truth about who she is and why. Every bloody word and Jamie listened and he believed. He finally understands that she was trying to get back to the stones and back to her husband, as well, and that that is why he beat her. It makes that beating all the worse, which makes him all the more special as a man.

Jamie starts to love her even more with the news, if that's even possible. She tries to remain invested but isn't sure.

Then, finally a sex scene that I can get invested in. That's one for the ladies. And then we know why he was soaking her in and seeing everything with such deep, longing looks. Jamie has taken her to the stones. He's giving her the opportunity to go home. As she walks up to the stone, he grabs her away. He apologizes for stopping her. He just wasn't ready. She realizes she isn't ready, either. 

He tries to tell her there's nothing for her on this side, nothing but violence and danger. He'll stay at the camp until nightfall to make sure she's safe. Claire sits in front of the stone, looking at her wedding bands and trying to determine what to do. She walks up to the stone.

Jamie is next to the fire and Claire tells him to get onto his feet. She wants to go home to Lallybroch. Jamie cries. 



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Outlander Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Drink tonight, Claire, for tomorrow our ashes will be scattered to the four winds.


Claire: Is that what I think it is?
Geillis: It's not a May pole, Claire.