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Claire has every intention to go find Jamie. After Ian draws a map, Jenny joins her and the two are off.

In no time they find the ravine and Jenny prays over all of the dead men. Jenny finds tracks heading east away from there and it appears to be heavy. Claire hopes it's because it has a large, heavy red-headed Scot weighing it down.

Jenny needs to stop because she's burstin', not because she has to pee, but because her breasts are filled with milk. Claire had no idea they worked as they do.

Riding a way further, after sifting through some horse poo, Jenny hears voices and plucks guns from her belt, handing one to Claire. They found them, but the cannot see Jamie. 

Jenny falls upon the ground in front of a traveling Redcoat and they begin questioning him. Jenny is kicking him and pulling off his boots, branding his feet and upon readying his balls, he says he's a courier and Claire finds his bag. They discover where he's going. Jamie has escaped, but nobody is looking. It's odd.

Jenny knows they have to kill the courier, but Claire wants to bandage his wounds. While they're arguing, Murtagh comes up and does the job for them.

Jenny and Claire bond over the fire later, talking about their childhood. Murtagh comes up with a game bird, proclaiming the ladies natural outlaws.

Claire begins to say goodbye to Jenny and realizes she must prepare her new sister for what's coming. War and famine. She asks her to grow potatoes and sell off all extra land for gold. Jamie had told Jenny Claire might tell her things and to do as she asked. 

Murtagh tells Claire they're not going out to search for Jamie at all, but that he'll find them. She needs to establish herself as a healer, attract attention to herself. They were like a traveling road show and she was the exhibit. 

Murtagh is angry at Claire for disturbing him when he's trying to step. He canna do it right when he has to worry about her. Later, he's dancing and Claire suggests he sing, but that makes him think she should be singing. He gives her a new look and sends her on the stage.

Suddenly Claire has the outside stage and she's singing the Scottish version of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy to a pleased crowd while Murtagh grabs coins and two men are looking at them. To grab the coins or for some other nefarious purpose?

Aha! They were stealing her song! At the next town, the dude has another lady posing as the Sessenach and singing it to an enthralled crowd! Tsk tsk. He wonders if she does it for politics or love. They make a deal that he won't sing it again so she can find her husband.

Claire continues singing it until they reach the sea. Nothing. Murtagh is upset they haven't Jamie yet, and he blames Claire for not finding him and that it has something to do with the gypsies.

Murtagh tells the tale of the only woman he ever loved and the bracelets he made for her out of a boar he killed with a dagger. Claire reaches into her bag and asks if it was him. His love for Jamie is different than Claire's, but no less. The two decide to carry on, this time as a fortune teller. The gypsy comes up, telling her they've been singing her song. A messenger left word. The bastard wants more money, even after he stole from her in the first place.

When they get to the location Mr. Ward gave, it's not Jamie they find, but Dougal. He has news of Jamie. He stood prison three days ago and is expected to hang. She wants to run off and find him, but Dougal wants to talk to her first. Even worse, Dougal wants to claim Claire as her husband. That's his big idea??

Dougal suggests Black Jack Randall will come to Lallybroch and collect her and he wants Lallybroch. Claire finally puts it together. Now we know that Dougal is the one who told Jamie Jenny bore his child. 

Claire tells Dougal that she must try to save Jamie, but if she fails or if he's already dead, then she'll marry him. He promises to allow his men to travel with her if they will, but he won't force them. They don't want to go, of course. She and Murtagh get ready to leave. The young one with the cherub face offers to go. He knows Jamie would go for him. He'll go. Willie is his name. Once he volunteers, the others can't let him stand them up, canna they?

They ride to the prison. Credits roll.

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Outlander Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Jenny: So, Ian sent you I expect.
Murtagh: Aye. But from what I've seen so far, you two are natural outlaws.

Love forces a person to choose. You do things you never imagined you could do before.