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Jamie, Claire, and company arrive at Murtagh's camp, but lost many of their ranks on the way because of Lord Lovat. They sent Simon after the deserters to try to convince them to return.

Jamie and Claire tell Murtagh about their trip. Fergus is excited to see them and tells them about the horrors of being with Murtagh.

Not a lot happens as we scan through the camp. The next morning Claire and Jamie are greeted by Angus and Rupert. Dougal is there too, but the reception isn't as warm. Dougal talks with Jamie about the upcoming war and how he's excited to be working with Jamie.

Murtagh is acting like a drill segeant training the men. Lots of shots of training. The men are in shambles. A motley crew. How are they going to be able to fight the British Army?

One of the men is fed up with Murtagh and rebels demanding to know when he's going to get weapons. Murtagh dresses him down.

While Claire is watching, she has a flashback to a WW2 moment. She's disturbed that Fergus is playing stickball with a couple of the soldiers and makes him stop. She's very cranky. There's no reason for her to have made him stop other than him continuing to play would cause her to continue to have flashbacks.

More training montages.

Dougal tells Jamie he thinks they're ready to leave and join the Prince's army. Murtagh isn't convinced. Dougal is more worried about what their position will be with Charles if they don't leave soon. Jamie is annoyed by this and tells Dougal he needs to stop. Dougal is not happy.

Claire comes across Fergus and Angus eating and has another flashback about two American soldiers she met. She's back in the room and Jamie wants to know what's wrong. She tells him she's fine. He doesn't believe it, but doesn't pursue it.

Murtagh is training some more. The men are not improving, so Jamie gives a pep talk when Dougal and some men show up like crazie Highlanders ready to attack. Dougal's way of fighting isn't going to help them in a fight against the British and Jamie lets him know this. He orders Dougal to follow the rules or leave. Dougal agrees.

Dougal goes to talk to Claire about Jamie. He thinks Jamie is making a mistake and brings up his proposal to her and tells her he's going to tell Jamie unless she agrees to talk to him. She tells him he already knows which surprises Dougal, then she gives him a dressing down. He agrees that his is selfish, but he'd do anything to get a Stuart back on the throne.

More images of training, but today they're learning how to shoot guns.

Claire is in the barracks and goes off on Angus when she sees his feet. She has another flashback merging with reality. She storms out.

That night around the fire, Dougal shows up with a group of men who he claims are volunteers. Jamie isn't thrilled and gives them a talk about what they really signed up for. Then he tells them they can leave if they want to. All of them do. Dougal is not  happy that anyone infiltrated the camp, so he puts Dougal and his men in charge of sentry duty.

He summons the two sentries who were in charge that night and lashes them each 6 times as punishment for allowing people to enter the camp

As she storms out and walks past the gun range,  the gunshot sounds trigger another flashback. She's riding with the American soldiers to help them find their camp when they are attacked by Nazi's. Claire is in a ditch and hears one of the men screaming out for his mother. She quietly begs him to stop, covering her ears. Next morning she's found by another solider. Switch to the present and Jamie is shaking her out of her memory.

She tells him about everything and he tells her to go home, but she refuses because she doesn't want to lie awake thinking about the horrible things that might be happening. She wants to be able to do something, not hide. Jamie is proud of her.

That night Jamie is peeing when a boy attacks him from behind. Jamie takes him down. It's a British scout who is refusing to give any information on who he is and what company he is with. Claire comes in and pretends to be a prisoner which causes the boy, William Gray, to tell them about the British troop he's with. They take him away.

Jamie confronts Dougal about how this kid got through then decides to punish himself and has Murtagh give him 18 lashes for his failures as a leader.

Afterwards he and Murtagh and a few others plan on raiding the British camp. Dougal wants to go with, but Jamie tells him he has to stay and protect their camp.  Jamie and friends raid the British camp, pulling all the pins out of the cannons and burning the wheels.

Jamie returns home and is hot and horny for Claire, but there's no time. He tells her to get dressed because they have to leave before the British army wakes up.

They travel and come to Prince Charles' camp. Jamie asks Dougal to do the honors of announcing their arrival. Dougal rides off to do so.

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Fergus: It's been horrible. He forced me to mend his socks and to fetch his meals.
Murtagh: I'm just trying to educate the lad on the finer points of travelling in the Highlands.

Dougal: I think I know a wee bit more about this than you do.
Jamie: No. You don't.