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Claire and Jamie discuss baby names. To say they disagree about names for boys is an understatement. 

Jamie and Duverney are playing chess. The King is supporting Charles. 

St. Germain gave Claire something in her drink to ensure she got sick. Given Claire's medicinal knowledge, she recognized what it was by the taste. They have no proof St. Germain did it, though.

Claire wants Jamie to distract her. Jamie thinks they should host a dinner for Sandringham, giving Charles a chance to expose himself for the delusional poppingjay he is.

When Claire tells Jamie Black Jack is alive, he's very happy. She's given something to hold onto. Something to look forward to. It's a gift. He was previously upset he hadn't been there to see the blood drain out of Randall along with the life when he died.

Claire goes to Master Raymond's to call him to task. He sold cascara to only one person in the recent months, a servant he didn't recognize. While there, she asks about Frank's future. Master Raymond cannot see his fate, but she will see him again. This startles Claire. 

For now, he worries for her safety, giving her a necklace that will change colors in the presence of poison.

Louise summons Claire with some urgency. She's with child. It is not time for congratulations, however, as she and her husband have not been intimate in months. Claire suggests she sleep with her husband and say the baby is his. Louise doesn't really understand.

At home, Claire discovers that Jamie finally started to feel like a man again when a woman tried to 69 with him. Claire explodes. Jamie says he doesn't think she understands what it's been like for him since Wentworth. She begs for him to make her understand, then. Jamie says that everyone has a fortress where they keep their deepest selves, but his was exploded. Every since, he's been hiding, naked, exposed, trying to hide under a blade of grass.

To make matters worse, he decides to sleep elsewhere.

She goes to him later, drops her robe, straddles him and asks him to come find her, find us. He does.

They're startled by someone upon the roof. Jamie finds Prince Charles knocking at the window. He dodged windows and slipped on slates until he found his way to Jamie's. He was with a married woman.

When he shows Claire his hand and she recognizes it's a bite, Claire puts it together. Louise is having Prince Charles' child. Claire tells Jamie they're perfect for each other, both living in a fantasy world.

They decide to use their affair to their advantage, outing the baby at their dinner in an attempt to unhinge Charles. Claire worries they're becoming bad people.

It's a week later. The day of the party.

Fergus notices the change in Claire, the spring in her step.

At the hospital, for some reason, we are forced to watch the most disgusting broken leg bone sticking out and peg driving in to stop pain. Why? Just why?

The wagon is broken. Claire, Mary and Murtagh have to walk home. Claire will be too late to greet their guests.

Sandringham is the first to arrive, with Alex Randall at his side. Jamie continues greeting guests. Fergus gets word to Jamie of the others' lateness.

Claire and Mary are talking about Alex Randall when someone gets the jump on Murtagh from above on a roof. Suddenly Mary is being raped, Claire screaming to leave her alone. A virgin! No more. Claire notices a port wine stain on the hands of one of the men. When one of the men sees it's Madam Blanche, they all scatter, screaming her name.

Murtagh gets up and Claire clasps Mary in her arms.

Back at the party, Charles is practically suckling on Louise's hand in greeting, but Jamie is called outside. The others have arrived.

Claire deems the night too important, orders Mary taken up the back staircase. Alex will stay with her. Suzette is to help her dress. Jamie wants to call the dinner off. Claire wants to alert the authorities. Jamie says no, if that happens, Mary will be a spinster to the end of her days. Her father and fiance are downstairs. Claire is, of course, appalled.

Claire is introduced to the crowd and dinner is served. Louise updates Claire. Her husband was convinced the pregnancy occurred during a drunken night. He's overjoyed.

Sandringham and Prince Charles do not get along. At all. 

Claire can't stand sitting near St. Germain, as she's still reeling from the attack and she wonders if he might have been the one who orchestrated it.

When Sandringham announces how beautiful any baby of Jamie and Claire's will be, the lovely husband takes the opportunity to out Louise's own upcoming event. Prince Charles' bites. 

In another part of the house, Mary awakens, frightened, pushing away Alex and running down toward the dinner. He's upon her in the living room when the other come into the situation. Nightmare.

Suddenly Jamie and Murtagh are fighting off fellows who were defending Mary's honor in Jamie's living room. Of course, St. Germain summons the gendarmes. 

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Murtagh: Jamie's in a cheery mood.
Claire: Yes. I told him Black Jack Randall is still alive. I don't know what you were so worried about.

Claire: Jack Randall is alive. I met his brother, Alex, on our first visit to Versailles. He works for the Duke. He said that Randall was injured while on duty, and that he was very much alive.
Jamie: This is wonderful news. Why did you wait until now to tell me?