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Claire and Jamie are making love when Claire becomes Randall. Jamie kills Randall in a bloody rage and startles awake.. He can't sleep, so he gets up to work.

The next morning, the maid is admonishing Claire for not allowing her to do her job. Claire tell her to take apart and remake her bed. The maid is giddy.

Claire goes into the city and visits an apothecary. She meets Master Raymond who gives her a concoction to help Jamie sleep. During their conversation, he tells her any enemy of the French captain is a friend of his.

Murtagh and Jamie are practicing sword fighting in a park. They have an audience. When Murtagh notices, he yells at them to all go away otherwise he's going to cut off their balls. They disperse immediately.

Murtagh tells Jamie they should just slit Prince Charles' throats, but Jamie says they're not assassins and that killing Charles might cause more problems. Murtagh scoffs. He misses Scotland. And he hates France.

Jamie returns home to find he's received a letter from Jared. The letter requests Jamie's presence at a meeting with Prince Charles at a local brothel.

He and Murtagh go to the brothel. Before he and the Prince talk, the ladies put on a show. Afterwards, Charles wants to know why he can trust them. Jamie talks about his beating at the hands of Randall. Also he tries to convince him that the Scottish clans can't agree on anything, so how can they agree to take up arms against the king? 

Charles isn't convinced. He believes that God wants his father, James, on the throne and will make it so that his wishes to start a rebellion come true.

He tells Jamie they need money and will need to go to the French minister of finance to get the cash.

Later, Claire tells Jamie that if they can convince the minister not to give Charles money, it will help to stop the rebellion.But somehow they need to get an audience with the court, so she visits her friend Louise de Rohan. She has a monkey for a pet and is being waxed. She introduces Claire to Mary Hawkins who is to be married. Louise tells Claire she will accompany Mary to Versailles and meet the minister.

Claire gets her pubic hair waxed (after Louise talked so glowingly of it while she was having it done herself) and presents herself to Jamie in bed later that night. He's intrigued, but as they are about to make love, visions of Randall return and the mood is spoiled. Claire is sympathetic and the go to sleep.

Two weeks later they are in Versailles. Claire comes downstairs in a stunningly low cut, but gorgeous red dress. Jamie's eyes pop out of his head. He doesn' want her to wear it, but she insists..

They go to the King's residence. Jamie is greeted by an old friend Annalise who wants to take Jamie to see the King's dressing. It's apparently quite an honor only bestowed to men. Murtagh joins him. Turns out it was trying to take a poop.

Murtagh thinks it's ridiculous and makes all sorts of smart ass comments. The kind has constipation, so Jamie suggest the King eat porridge. The King is almost insulted as he thinks porridge is peasant food.

Claire and Louise are talking with a bunch of society ladies about what other names there are for penis. One of them asks Claire what the English call penis. When she says "Peter" or "prick" they are not impressed.

Claire steps outside for some air. Louise finds Duverney and convinces him to go outside to meet Claire. He is immediately taken by her and comes on hard. But Jamie shows up and before Claire can stop him, he throws Duverney into the water. 

Inside, Claire and Jamie apologize. Duverney apologizes for his forward behavior. They decide to become friends. The King shows up and admonishes Duverney. He's accompanied by a woman who wears a nipple baring dress.

Murtagh starts to follow the woman when he sees the Duke of Sandringham and approaches him drawing his sword. Jamie stops him telling him that drawing a sword in the King's presence means death.

Jamie is quite cordial to the Duke, but Claire isn't She sends Jamie and Murtagh off while she talks to the Duke. She threatens to tell on him that he's a Jacobite sympathizer, but he's not moved by it.

He introduces Alex (who was flirting with Mary Hawkins), his new secretary. Alex is Randall's brother. The Duke informs Alex and his brother and Claire know each other. Alex is intrigued and says he'll have to let his brother know. Claire is confused. She tells him she thought she heard that Randall was dead.

Alex tells her that he received a letter from his brother just two weeks prior. Claire almost faints, much to the joy of the Duke, who leaves with a smarmy smile on her face.

Claire goes back to find Jamie. In her narrative she talks about whether or not she will tell Jamie and what this means for their mission.


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Outlander Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I see your nose is not purely decorative, Madonna.

Mr. Raymond

Claire: He's gone, Jamie.
Jamie: He's alive in my head. I've got to get him out.