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Murtagh is very excited about preparing for the duel with Randall. Jamie has to break the news the duel is off. He is throwing the challenge.

Murtagh is disgusted. Jamie asks Magnus where Claire is this morning, and isn't surprised to learn she's off to the hospital.

Claire learns the executioner will be executing practitioners of the dark arts. He hoped to hang them, but the King desires drawing and quartering. He explains exactly how it's done. Rather brutally. Hanged first, while the beating heart is pulled out to please the crowd.

Of course, the turn of conversation has made her pale. Then the executioner mentions to her Master Raymond. She's off.

Master Raymond wasn't at first concerned, but upon her insistence, he appears to take her at her word, also worried she was visiting him and putting herself at risk.

Jamie brings up the deal he made with Claire regarding Randall and Frank. He thinks it's a raw deal, but he also thinks they've thwarted Prince Charles all they can. He wants her to have a man who loves her to care for their baby if he's in trouble of losing his life. He asks her to go back through the stones, back to Frank. She promises.

Claire's new plan is to create a fake plague of smallpox that will cause the harbormaster to believe the only way to save things is to burn St. Germain's warehouse and inventory, sending him back to his country with his tail between his legs.

Murtagh is angry about the plan. Jamie says they need to tell him. Everything.

Jamie and Fergus are off to do something. Carry out the plan?

Murtagh has a paper with numbers upon it. The years Claire lived. They talk, and Murtagh says he wouldn't want to bear the burden of knowing what Jamie says she knows.

Jamie is called to the whorehouse and told about the malady to St. Germain's men by Charles. Charles asks Jamie to take the wine to his warehouse immediately. St Germain wants to accompany Jamie to protect his investment.

I'm very confused. Murtagh is all gussied up to play his part...but then Jamie is in bed with Claire. Wasn't it urgent they away to get the wine, like NOW?

They have sex.

And now Claire is all dressed up and in Louise's living room tittering with the ladies.

Jamie and St. Germain are, of course, held up. St. Germain won't put his gun down and Jamie pushes him aside to play hero and jump on top of...Murtagh? The look on St. Germain's face says he's wondering what the hell is happening. Jamie seems to be passed out on the ground.

At Louise's, Claire interrupts the tittering to talk about the plight of the poor. She saw a dead mother and child in the middle of the street just yesterday. Oh yes, Louise agrees, their husbands should protest to the King about having him move the poor to the less desirable parts of the city. Claire leaves.

Claire is at the hospital. Mother Hildegarde wants Claire to rest. When she sits, Mother H. notices she's bleeding down her leg. Mother H. says it's nothing to worry about, the baby is just moving position. I don't believe her.

Charles is whining. St. Germain is trying to blame Jamie for their ambush.

Fergus reports into Jamie in the morning. Murtagh will be gone for a couple months selling wine in Portugal.

Someone sends word to Jamie that Prince Charles is in financial trouble at Madam Elise's. He doesn't want to pay his debt. While Jamie attends to it, Fergus finds himself sniffing around Black Jack's room...and BJ closes the door.

When Claire gets hime, the staff is out of sorts.

Suzette is acting a little strange. Milord is in the woods. He got into a fight with an English officer. Jamie left Claire a note. "I'm sorry. I must."

Claire rides out, putting her baby in jeopardy.

She finds the two men dueling. Jamie wounds Black Jack's private parts. The gendarme arrive and arrest both men. Claire instructs Magnus to take her to Mother Hildegarde's.

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Jamie: Promise me if the time should come, you will go back through the stones, back to Frank.
Claire: I promise.

Jamie: I've been thinking. Remember you said I owe you a life because you saved mine? Well, I saved yours as well at least as often. Seems to me we're even.
Claire: Even?

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