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They're riding in, just outside Inverness.

Claire found it hard to believe the soldiers she was looking at were the same who had beaten the British army just five months earlier. The break has done anything but good. They are demoralized and in terrible shape. Claire worries about what's next.

Murtagh realized that the battle of Culloden is just three days from now according to Claire's memory. She says tis true. Jamie's only hope at this point is to try to appeal to the Prince.

Claire goes into Inverness to replenish her medical supplies and finds Mary. Alex contacted her and they are to be married. Mary wonders if Claire is really her friend after what Claire told Alex. Claire tries to explain the intricacies of her lie and asks after Alex's health, hoping to stop by.

When Jamie gets to the location where Prince Charles is, he finds the generals boasting about their armies, saying Culloden is a perfect location to fight. Jamie interrupts...for the British. Unfortunately, we know they won't listen to him.

Claire arrives at Alex's bedside to see him half dead. A poultice to ease the muscles in his chest and back hardly seems helpful at this point. Johnny comes in to see his brother just after her arrival. Mary tells Claire they would be completely destitute if John hadn't been paying their bills. Claire tries to break the news to Mary that Alex won't be cured. Then Claire realizes Mary is pregnant. Everyone knows. The reality of the situation sets in.

Johathan asks Claire to cure his brother. When she cotninues to walk away, he asks that she make him more comfortable. He's innocent. Claire says she'll help only if he gives her the location of Cumberland's army.

Jamie doesn't know whether to believe the information Johnathan gave to her. She thinks he was being truthful.

Meanwhile, Colum shows up in a weakened state, asking for his brother and his nephew. Dougal is out on a scout and unable to come.

Colum asks Claire to assist him in his suicide. He's looking for the same type of death that Geillis Duncan gave to her husband. Perhaps not exactly the same, if it was that painful. Colum has good news. Geillis' baby is alive. It was a boy. Dougal doesn't know and probably shouldn't. Claire gives him yellow jasmine.

Back at the boarding house, Jonathan doens't want to trust Claire when she offers to him a way to breathe easier. It works, but even then, Jonathan isn't pleased because he thinks Claire can do more.

Before Claire leaves, Alex asks Jonathan to wed Mary. Jonathan is shocked and unsure. He wishes Alex would wed her before he dies, and he'd take care of her as his brother's widow.

Alex lays it on thick. He has seen the war in which his brother has tried to hide from the world his softer side, but Alex knows he is a good man inside. Jonathan is kind of disgusted, says no and runs out.

Claire goes after him. Murtagh is so taken aback that Claire is willing to get into a situation with Jonathan for Frank's future that he offers to marry her.

Claire finds Jonathan in a pub, deep in drink. You can always tell because his hair starts falling out of his ponytail.

The two argue over it. Claire reminds him Mary needs someone who will provide for her after his death, and he recalls that magical death is just days away. More arguing.

Colum is there to talk to Jamie about being his son's guardian while he grows up to be the next MacKenzie. Colum knows it's ironic, since Dougal is really his father, but nobody will really want Dougal to be the chief or The MacKenzie.

Jamie says what he feels, straight from the heart. Colum offers to Dougal the opportunity to say the same and for it to reverse, but he says nothing. Colum is saddened that although he is crippled in body, his brother is crippled in mind.

Mary and Jonathan marry.

Jamie tries, again, to get the generals to do something different than what they had already planned. It works. Sort of.

Dougal goes in to see Colum, who then bears his soul about being a child who watched his big brother shrivel up before his eyes and how he hated him for it. In the middle of his confession, Colum drank the yellow jasmine and died. He says, so you turn your back on me one final time. Everything he wanted to say remains trapped inside, unsaid forever. All because he couldn't stay on his horse.

Back at the other death watch, Mary and Jonathan, now married, watch for Alex to die. He does, and they don't take any comfort in being tied to each other. In fact, Jonathan crawls up on top of Alex and beats the shit out of him. That's one way to handle your grief.

Jamie can't believe Claire pushed Mary to wed Black Jack. She said she pushed her to become his widow. He wonders what will happen if they succeed tonight. Then she'll help him kill they guy herself.


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Outlander Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Prince Charles: James, you are my most loyal companion and friend. But I am not some frightened hare to be run down by some British hounds. I am a man and I am a soldier and I shall comport myself as one. I am weary of retreat. The men shall rest and then we shall march to Culloden. Gentleman, the lord will provide for us all, may we do his bidding.
Jamie: May he have mercy on us all.

I've been dying for years. It's a wearisome process. I welcome its conclusion.