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They're picking up at the end of the dinner party. 

Everyone was arrested by the gendarme. Alex for raping Mary Hawkins and the others for who knows what. The ticking of the clock drove Claire crazy, but she had Fergus waiting up with her to keep her company.

Claire learns Jamie was the one who called La Dame Blanche. He did it to keep the whores out of his lap at La Maison Elise. That means the assailants were customers there, as well. Jamie suggests if it takes them to Germain, there will be hell to pay.

At work, Jamie and Murtagh discuss Mary having been a virgin when she was assaulted. Murtagh is really distressed. He feels he failed Jamie. 

Claire visits Mary for a medical exam. Mary wants her to deliver a letter on her behalf to the police. Mary wonders if she's going to have a baby. Claire says her attacker couldn't finish.

Claire is concerned for Frank's future when she learns Mary hopes to marry Alex. She considers burning the letter to ensure Frank's lineage remains in tact.

Prince Charlie visits Jamie with news of coming into 10,000 pounds sterling. He always says, "mark me." He's very excited that he might lay at his father's feet the throne of Britain. Who is the benefactor? The Comte St. Germain.

When Jamie brings up the rumors of Germain's person, Charles reminds Jamie he pays them no more mind than he pays those of Jamie's wife of being La Dame Blanche. In fact, he wants Jamie to sell St. Germain the wine.

Claire goes to Alex with her concerns about Mary's future since he's going to, you know, die. Not to mention the hand to mouth existence while they shuffle city to city as he seeks new employment.

He agrees with Claire, telling her Mary's fortunate to have a friend as caring as she is.

Suddenly, Claire thinks she's the time master, and only because of her do all things occur.

Jamie and St. Germain meet. It doesn't go well. At home, he and Claire chat about all things. Jamie gives Claire a Christening gift, a box of apostles spoons for the wee bairn.

The couple goes to see Sandringham and others at a horse sale. Sandringham thinks Charles is an ass. While Jamie is helping him to buy a horse, Sandringham tells him that the Prince is not a great man. 

Annalise catches up with Claire and asks her to walk. While talking about Jamie and his manhood, Black Jack Randall saunters up.

Their conversation is wicked and on cue. The king advances and ultimately makes a fool out of Randall, asking him to beg on his knees if wants to ask for Alex's job back with Sandringham. No, really, get on your knees. They all laugh.

Claire says she's feeling ill. Instead of leaving for long, Jamie goes back and challenges Randall to a duel. Randall puts his hand on Jamie's heart as he accepts.

Claire goes back, swears a statement against Randall and he goes into the Bastille.

Claire begs Jamie not to duel Randall, not only to keep himself out of jail, but so that Frank will continue to exist, because he's part of the future. Frank's innocent in all this. Jamie says she's trying to change the future. 

Then Claire says she saved Jamie's life not once but twice. He owes her a life. He's appalled that she'd stop him from taking the life of a man who lived in his nightmares, had him play the whore, almost drove him to take his own life. Does she really want him to repay her debt with the life of Black Jack Randall?

She nods. He'll give it a year. She reaches for him. Do not touch me, he says.

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Claire: Now, how are you feeling?
Mary: Ashamed. Like I'm a different person now, and I'll never be the same.

Claire, surely you of all people can step outside the passions of the moment and appreciate the sublime preposterousness that would guide us to a meeting at the French Court.

Black Jack