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Claire manages to ward off her attacker, but the man trips and falls, hitting his head. Jamie comes in right after the action is finished, but is aghast that Claire wants to help the man after they realize he's still alive. Despite Jamie's practical reasons for letting the man die (especially after they find out that he's the agent of the excise officer), Claire insists on treating him. While she's out gathering medicines and equipment to preform brain surgery, she meets a man looking for tonics for his ill sister. She offers to treat the woman for free in exchange for jumping him in line. Meanwhile, Jamie takes the boys and starts moving the liquor. He assigns Young Ian the task of selling the booze, and he manages to get a good deal despite the rushed nature of the sale. An impressed Fergus proposes that they go into business together someday and gives Ian advice on seducing a woman. He calls over the barmaid Ian has had a crush on before he leaves. Back at the brothel, the excise officer shows up looking for the liquor just as Claire begins surgery. Jamie and Madam Jeanne show him around, but the place is empty. Claire is not as lucky as Jamie in her task, and the man dies. Jamie has Fergus get rid of the body -- it's stored in a cask of creme de menthe because the alcohol slows decay and "no Scot would ever drink creme de menthe." Ian Murray shows up looking for his son, and is shocked to see Claire. Jamie lies to him and sends him on his way, but before Ian goes he asks Jamie if Claire knows about something we're not in on yet, and when Jamie says he's waiting for the right time, Ian warns him that there probably will never be one. Upstairs, Claire is angry and disappointed that Jamie lied to his brother. It becomes clear that Jamie has a bit of a fantasy where Young Ian is his son, and that he's the only one helping the boy. Claire accuses him of hurting Ian and Jenny, and not understanding how they feel because he's never been a worried parent. That brings up some issues about Brianna (and probably some about Willie as well). Before things get too bad between them, Madam Jeanne interrupts with the news that the printshop is on fire. Young Ian and his date had been interrupted by Sir Percival's lackey breaking in to the shop. Brighid is sent on her way, and Ian confronts the man. There's no liquor to be found, but as they fight, one of Jamie's secret compartments hiding seditious pamphlets is opened. The man fires a shot a Ian, but instead hits something on the stove and starts a fire. The man escapes, and Ian is trapped. Jamie heads into the building when he arrives and saves his nephew. He sends his men off to safety and asks Fergus to find the one eyed man while he takes Claire and Young Ian to Lallybroch. Fergus asks if that's a good idea, and we finally find out Jamie's secret -- he has another wife. 

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Outlander Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

I would give up everything I have to be together again. Don't ya see? Since you left, I... I've been living in the shadows. And then you walked into the print shop, and... It was if the sun returned and cast out the darkness.


Claire: I can't let him suffer. I have to do something.
Jamie: Why? He attacked you.
Claire: Because I'm a doctor.