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Claire and Jamie return Young Ian to Lallybroch, but they don't receive a warm welcome. The Murrays are angry with their brother for lying about Ian's presence in Edinburgh and for involving him in criminal activities; Jenny can't forgive Claire for disappearing. Claire wants to tell them about the time travel so that they can resolve their issues and she and Jamie could maybe make a home at Lallybroch, but Jamie shoots that idea down. As Jamie is about to come clear about his marriage, two girls open the door to the bedroom and start calling Jamie "Daddy." Claire is shocked, of course, but not as much as when the girl's ma turns out to be none other than Laoghaire. Laoghaire starts going off on Claire, who is in shock, and Jamie ushers her and the girls out of the room. He tries to explain the situation to the younger girl, Joan, before he returns to Claire. She's livid, of course, and their fight grows more and more heated before Jamie finally starts to kiss her and force himself on her. She resists until he tells her he loves her, and they start some pretty energetic screwing, but are interrupted by Jenny throwing cold water on them. Returned to her senses, Claire storms out of the room. Janet brings her whiskey and apologizes for telling Laoghaire about her return, but says that Jenny told her to when Claire asks. Jenny and Claire then have it out a little, but Jenny senses that Claire isn't telling her everything. Ian Sr chastises Jenny for disrupting Jamie's happiness when that's what she prays for. The next morning, Claire is ready to leave Lallybroch when Laoghaire shows up with a gun. Jamie gets between his two wives and is hit when the pistol goes off. Claire performs surgery and administers one of the vials of penicillin. Ned Gowan shows up and helps Jamie resolve his marriage with Laoghaire, but Jamie can't afford said settlement with his current finances. He, Young Ian, and Claire head to Selkie Island to retrieve the rest of the jewels he found when he escaped Ardsmuir. Ian swims out since Jamie's arm is injured, but a ship comes up to the island while Jamie and Claire are busy working through some of their issues. They try to warn Ian, but he's too far away and they're too late; he and the jewel cask are taken by the men on the ship. 

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Outlander Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

If I don't tell her the truth, then..there will always be this wall between us. Jenny casts a very warm light on those that she trusts and a very cold shadow on those she doesn't.


Claire: Perhaps we should tell her the truth.
Jamie: [scoffs] We say you traveled from another time, ye may as well convince her ye're a mermaid.