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Bree isn't doing well at school, her mind more occupied trying to reconcile her new understanding of her past with her American life. She and Claire are fighting about her decision to drop out of school and move out on her own when Roger shows up unexpectedly. Bree leaves for her new place, and after dinner with Claire, Roger reveals that he's sure he's found Jamie in 1765, meaning that Claire could travel to be with him. To his surprise, Claire does not become ecstatic at the news, rather she reacts with anger. She insists that he not tell his news to Bree. At the banquet to honor Frank with a Harvard fellowship, Bree sees her mother approached and scorned by Frank's lover. Claire comes clean to Bree about everything: Frank's affair and the article that Roger found proving that Jamie is alive and in Edinburgh. Bree comes to some realizations about her relationships with all of her parents and gives Claire her blessing to go back to Jamie -- insists upon it actually. Bree and Roger help her prepare for the journey by finding antique coins and educating her on Scottish history, and Claire makes herself a new costume so she doesn't attract suspicion like she did with her previous travels through the stones. Claire makes it to Edinburgh, and to Jamie's shop. He's so surprised to see her, he passes out. 

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Outlander Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Joe: What the hell happened?
Claire: We...we went our separate ways. And I had hoped that we would be able to find each other again, but...fate had other ideas.
Joe: Fuck fate.

Claire: Well, there was someone. From my past.
Joe: So he's Scottish.
Claire: As Scottish as the come.
Joe: Sounds serious.
Claire: As serious as it comes.