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After Ian is taken from Selkie Island, Young Ian is taken across the ocean to Jamaica. He meets other young boys being held by the Barka before he is taken to the mysterious person himself. He is shocked to see a woman rising from a bath of blood -- and so are we because it's Geillis. Geillis plys Ian with food and tea, which turns out to contain a truth serum. He reveals what he knows about the jewels and Jamie's involvement before he is seduced by the older woman. Later, we find out that Geillis has brought Margaret and Archibald Campbell to her estate in Jamaica to help deliver a prophecy, but that she is missing one of three sapphires from the cask that are needed for Margaret to perform the reading. 

The Artemis arrives in Jamaica ahead of the Porpoise, and Jamie hopes to find Young Ian and slip away before the man of war arrives in port. He and Claire head to the slave markets hoping to find their nephew, but there are no white slaves to be found. Claire is outraged by the treatment of a man for sale, and attacks the auctioneer with her parasol. To smooth things over, Jamie ends up buying the man in her name, which Claire is less than pleased about. They also find out that the Governor bought slaves of the Bruja while at the market, so Jamie arranges for everyone to arrange the ball that evening. The clothes from Versailles are refreshed, and Claire, Jamie, Fergus, Marsali, and Yi Tien Cho head to the ball. Jamie is shocked when he finds out that the new governor is no other than his old friend, Lord John Grey, and John is just as shocked by Claire's reappearance. Claire's temporary slave is sent to the governor's slave quarters to question the men purchased from the Bruja. After meeting with Lord John, Claire runs into Geillis, who explains how she escaped from the pyre in Cranesmuir and made her way to Jamaica. When Geillis meets Lord John and sees the sapphire he carries to remember Jamie, she sets up a ploy to get her hands on it using Margaret Campbell. Margaret delivers the prophecy that Geillis is after, but it makes no sense to her or to Archibald Campbell -- the next Scottish king will rise when a child dies who was 200 years old when they were born. Meanwhile, Fergus and Marsali see Captain Leonard entering the ball, and the Fraser family leaves in a rush, heading to Geillis' plantation, where Tremaire the slave found out that Young Ian had been taken. Tremaire expresses a desire to join the free slaves of Jamaica in the mountains, and after the Fraser's drop him off, Captain Leonard catches up to them and arrests Jamie. 

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Outlander Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Jamie: Do I look like a Scottish provocateur?
Marsali: No! You look like a dandy.
Fergus: No, ma cherie, he looks like a Frenchman.
Willoughby: The same thing.

Claire: Perhaps we should look separately. I'll take some of the crew and search the town, and you can ask about the Bruja.
Jamie: I will not part, Sassenach. I'm not losing you again. We'll search the town together.