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Claire washes ashore on an unknown island, and slowly makes her way inward in search of civilization. After enduring ant bites and a close encounter with a large snake, she collapses outside of Father Fogden's hacienda. Fogden's mother-in-law cum housekeeper objects to Claire's presence. Claire is grateful for the shelter and aid the two provide but also alarmed at Fogden's bizarre behaviors and reluctance to assist her in leaving the hacienda. When Mamacita comes back with the head of one of Fogden's goats, accusing a chinaman of killing their beloved Arabella, Claire rushes off, hoping that it is Yi Tien Cho and Jamie shipwrecked at the beach. It is the crew of the Artemis, but Claire arrives after they've headed back to the ship. Luckily, she is able to get Jamie's attention with a mirror that she pocketed at the hacienda. Reunited, Jamie and Claire take Yi Tien Cho back to the hacienda to apologize and to ask for Fogden to perform a wedding for Fergus and Marsali. Fogden complies, despite being in a bit of a fog himself, and there's a touching moment when Jamie gives Fergus' name as "Fergus Claudel Fraser." Back on the ship, Claire has come down with a fever from an injury she sustained in the jungle. She has Jamie help her inject herself with penicillin, and Yi Tien Cho sends her turtle soup. She ends up soused from the soup and the fever, and seduces Jamie. 

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Outlander Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Father Fogden: Healer of the sick. Like Saint Brigid.
Claire: I'm no saint.

Father Fogden: Take care not to drink too quickly.
Claire: I know. I'm a doctor.
Father Fogden: A woman?
Claire: From the American colonies. It's more common there.