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Lord John Grey is in the neighborhood and goes out of his way to bring Jamie's son for a vist.

Murtagh is going to leave very soon. Two of his best men are presenting the Governor with papers for the reduction of taxes.

Claire and Murtagh happen upon a fancy lad who is covered in leaches and not all too pleased about it. He wants them removed at once.

John tells Jamie it's possible William, as he now likes to be called, won't remember him. Also, Isabel has died.

Claire is shocked to find Lord John at her home. John is pleased to see Mr. Fitzgibbons.

John doesn't want the past of all the men to be raised before the boy.

There is a political conversation over dinner about taxes. John isn't up to the latest.

William asks Jamie why he didn't speak of their past relationship.

Claire thinks Lord John is there to spy on Jamie for the Governor.

Jamie is both excited to see William and sad to realize he's become a stranger.

Murtagh doesn't understand why Jamie won't dig into John Grey and find out what he knows about what's up with the Governor. Then he realizes William is Jamie's and understand the friendship between Jamie and Lord John.

As Lord John is preparing to leave, he starts to feel light headed. Claire wonders if they wandered through Cross Creek as there is a measles epidemic in the area.

Lord John is very ill and contagious. Claire needs to nurse him for at least six days, giving a lot of time for Jamie to bond with the brat.

Jamie takes the kid on a tour of Fraser's Ridge, telling him to always stay on the inside of the marked trees.

Claire and Lord John have a tense conversation about William and Jamie coming to verbal blows about their children, what might happen if William saw himself in Jamie's face and the real reason why John risks it.

Jamie is teaching William how to hunt, dress a dear and worry over the loss of his father out in the woods.

In his most feverish, John tells Claire he felt nothing when Isabel died but feel shame at seeing Claire and Jamie together. He could have had Jamie, who offered himself to John in exchange for watching over William. Claire tells him to stop talking.

Jamie fell asleep watching over the fire and wakes to find William gone. He went outside the marked trees and took a fish from an Indian trap. They descend upon him quickly.

Jamie disarms himself, speaks in their tongue and turns over the fish. They don't care. The boy must pay with his blood. Jamie screams that the boy is his son. Take my blood instead!

The Cherokee have mercy on William because of his courage standing up for his wrong doing.

John and Claire bond over their inability to love and care properly for the people they married.

John admits he still has feelings for Jamie. Claire says he does have something of Jamie -- he has William.

William wonders why Jamie didn't look back the last time they said goodbye. Jamie didn't want to give him false hope. William smiles.

They arrive back at the cabin to find a much improved John.

John leaves his chess set with Jamie.

As they ride off, William doesn't worry about giving Jamie false hope. He turns around in his saddle and looks back at Jamie.

Claire and Jamie finally get a chance to relax when their guests all depart. Jamie helps her get a bath and presents her with the ring he asked Murtagh to make from one of his mother's silver candlesticks.


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Outlander Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Lord John: Have you not fared well in the new world?
Murtagh: Aye. I've more than rats to eat, my Lord.
William: You've eaten rats, sir?!

Murtagh: By all accounts, it's the Governor himself who is unreasonable and dangerous.
Lord John: Those regulators tied a Sheriff to his horse and marched with his beaten body through the streets of Hillsboro. There were women and children present. Would you call that reasonable?
Murtagh: Exaggeration and falsehood.
Lord John: I'm told there were many witnesses.