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Jamie and Claire are still sailing to River Run. Thankfully, the sail is about over. No more green screen!

As they come upon River Run and see the splendor, that is the time Jamie takes to realize he's penniless. Odd, that. Claire is happy they can count on family like Aunt Jacosta.

Auntie Jacosta receives them with wide open arms, although she is blind.

She's very unhappy to hear about what happened to them. Auntie is also happy to talk about Jamie's business sense, at least until Ian comes in after Rollo encountered a skunk, something they have never seen before.

When Jamie and Claire are shown to their room, Claire is silent, gazing out the window. Jamie reminds her that one day it will all be different.

Auntie Jacosta talks about her slaves and considers them friends. Claire wonders if they feel the same way. Auntie assures her they do, as only a few have run away over the years.

Leftenant Wolf arrives. He suggests Auntie grow wheat. Jamie counters with rice. Auntie says rice would also fetch about seven cents more per bushel and keep the slaves wealthy as well.

Claire is getting a gown altered by one of Auntie's slaves when she shares her Quaker-like disapproval of keeping them. 

The party isn't only an introduction of Claire and Jamie, but a chance for Auntie Jacosta to leave River Run to Jamie. Jamie wonders if they could work to set the slaves of River Run free. 

Auntie Jacosta sees no problem in discussing the possibility of slaves earning a wage. They need to ensure that each slave has provided meritorious service such as saving a life, and pay 100 pounds sterling to pay for their freedom. Those who have shared similar thoughts have disappeared never to be heard of again.

Jamie again revisits the governor's offer of land even if it will mean fighting in a war for the wrong side. 

Just then, Jamie is forced to act on behalf of River Run because one of Auntie Jacosta's slaves attacked the overseer. When they arrive at the site, the slave boy, Rufus, has a hook in his side and is being dragged up by a tree. 

Barnes struck Rufus with a lash and Rufus struck back, taking the man's ear. The law says any slave who draws the blood of a white person will be executed.

Barnes, though, didn't have the right to take the law into his own hands. Thusly, Claire and Jamie take Rufus back to the house and work on him to save his life. Unfortunately, things only escalate from there and Claire saves his life only to take it again later.


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Outlander Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Jamie: You're familiar with my business dealings?
Auntie Jacosta: I may not have my sight, dear, but I have been keepin' an eye on ya. Between your experience in Paris with Jarrod and your treaty experience in Edinborough, you're capable of anything you take on. It will not be long before your fortunes are reversed.
Jamie: You flatter me, Auntie.
Auntie Jocasta: You're not fond of flattery? Well, it's my right to do so. Who else am I to lavish my attentions upon?

Wicked. Just wicked!

Auntie Jocasta