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I don't know if Roger went through the stones or not. He imagined he was in the shower and the mohawk dude threw him a towel. Either it was a dream or the guy can travel through the stones with him.

Brianna is drawing dark figures and Lizzie wonders if she's possessed. The two forgive and forget, but Brianna cannot forget what Jamie said to her.

Young Ian feels terrible about what happened and the position Jamie is in with Claire and the others. He wants Claire to go to Jamie to make things right, but she can't help but think about how Brianna and Roger feel.

Fergus is having a hard time getting work since he lacks a hand. But he did learn when Bonnet will be back in Wilmington so he and Murtagh can deliver the SOB to Jamie.

Phaedra is hoping to make a new dress for Brianna, but she finds herself the subject of a portrait instead.

Aunt Jocasta has a dinner to introduce Brianna around town and the men fawn over her. She's overcome with confusion at such an odd occasion, but Lord John Grey appears.

Murtagh wants Fergus to join their militia. Marsali holds her breath waiting for his answer, but Fergus wants to stay with his wife and child. Marsali thanks 

Jocasta sets things straight about Brianna's condition. If her kid is born out of wedlock, he'll be branded a bastard, and that's no way to live.

She knows Brianna loved Roger, but he's with the savages now and not coming back. She can't live on hope.

Murtagh gets his man. 

Brianna still hasn't read the letter Lord John brought with him from Jamie.

Brianna hears a noise in the night and walks in on Lord John banging the preacher who was keeping secrets from his mother.

Later, Brianna and Lord John talk after she tries to use his information to force his hand in marriage. He eventually decides to go along with it.

After hearing the wonderful things Lord John says about his son, Brianna reads Jamie's letter.

Young Ian and Rollo find the man who died along the Mohawk route with Roger. Jamie buries him. Claire finally realizes how much he's hurting.

Roger arrives at his new home, I guess, and is tossed in the middle of a line of Mohawk and they begin beating him.

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Outlander Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Lord John: Your father would never divulge to me anything that you did not wish me to know. He's an honorable man.
Brianna: Don't talk to me about my father.

If there was a moving picture about me, I'd be seen as a fearsome brute.