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The opening credits have a new character. A native American man wearing a stone necklace sitting in a park in the future.

Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian arrive at the Mohawk village. Jamie greets them with peace and says they've come to trade.

Ian says they've come for a man they sold to their people and asks if they recall the pendant he is wearing.

They recognize Dogface straight away.

Kaheroton takes them to his chief. 

Everything is going swimmingly until Claire reveals Otter Tooth's stone around her neck. All bets are off now. 

Murtagh and Jocasta eat dinner together and she suggests he move on out as quickly as possible.

The Mohawk attack and want the stone back.

The woman shares why the stone is important. He told them to kill all white men before white men kill them.

He danced a war dance and brought white scalps. They wanted him gone because they worried about white vengeance.

The warriors kept hearing him even after his head was dead and buried.

Otter tooth did appear to Claire. Blah blah blah

Brianna tells Murtagh about the sham engagement. 

Claire and friends get Roger, but not all the group wants to let him go.

Kaheroton takes it to the next level, of course, aiming Jamie's gun at his head.

The woman who helped them is banished from the tribe. The pain caused by Otter Tooth was ripping their tribe apart.

But the chief isn't pleased and wants to keep Roger. Jamie offers himself and while he and Claire worry over parting, Ian makes a deal for himself.

He'll stay. I'm so proud of him. Rollo stays too.

Now Jocasta doesn't want Murtagh to go. There's nothing a little fiery sex can't fix!

Roger sucker punches Jamie and Jamie allows him to beat the crud out of him.

At the same time, Ian runs the Gauntlet successfully and never looks as happy as he does when he finished.

Roger learns about Brianna's rape from Claire and Jamie. It's their turn to be shocked when Roger admits he knows Bonnet and came over on his ship.

When Roger wants to take Brianna home, and Claire spills the beans on the pregnancy and the odds it might not be his child.

Roger doesn't stand beside Brianna no matter what. He needs time. But there is no time because she's an unmarried woman giving birth.

Brianna loves her baby boy.

Claire and Jamie return without Roger. Brianna is crestfallen.

Jamie gets the update from Murtagh about Bonnet. Murtagh is under the impression Bonnet is dead.

Never a dull moment. Roger arrives just as the family is preparing to leave. As Roger and Brianna are in each other's arms, a horde of Red Coats comes by and delivers to Jamie a letter from Tryon. He is to form a militia, hunt down and kill Murtagh.


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Outlander Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Murtagh: Do you think you could forgive your father for your sake as well as his?
Brianna: I already have.

Murtagh: She canna marry a Red Coat.
Jocasta: She can, and she will. She needs a husband. There's no time to waste.