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Claire and Adawehi are sitting by the creek getting to know each other while they sift through her wild herbs. They are learning the language.

Claire is about to go to the German's place to deliver his grandchild.

Ian loves bacon. The cabin is fully complete with all of the little touches. Jamie is preparing for a journey elsewhere. 

Claire is kind of freaked out when Jamie says he had a dream about Brianna's birthmark behind her ear that is always hidden behind her hair.

In the present, Roger arrives in Inverness to track down Brianna, who has taken a one way trip to Craigh Na Dun.

He's at the place where she stayed. Brianna asked her to wait a year before sending it to Roger, but since he looks so heartbroken, she gives it to him now -- an envelope.

Jamie is trying to find Scottish families to join them on Fraser's Ridge.

Jamie meets with the wife of the silversmith and she eyes him up ridiculously.

Back at the ridge, the Germans are singing after the birth of their baby. it was a successful birth. Claire didn't even have time to learn the whole song the baby arrived so soon. The baby's father is dead, unfortunately.

The new mother's mother suggests they share the new baby and co-grandparent.

Jamie's deal is that there will be no rent until the farm provides a harvest. He's offering 100 acres to each. One up and leaves and all others follow suit. Jamie and Ian realize there is no sense in it and something must be going on that they don't understand. 

The undue taxes are what keeps the men from farming. Tryon taxes and overtaxes until they had nothing.

Herr Mueller arrives home to his wife and children. Petronella names her daughter after Claira. Baby Clara.

There is barking outside. The savages is here!! They steal "our" water for their horses. Water from the creek? Is that all, Claire wonders? Why not let them just drink and be on their way?

The horses need water, the fellow says. Claire says she's like Adawehi. She asks that they don't shoot, and asks the Muellers to put down their muskets. She's trying to diffuse the situation.

Claire asks that the Indians take the horses to another part of the creek, which seems as though it would have been instinctual given the size of the creek and that they stopped right in front of the world's tiniest cabin.

The whole family is scared shitless.

Ian runs into Murtagh who drives a hard bargain for horseshoe repair. Jamie is pissed at the pricing and pays the man a visit. To his surprise, it's his old friend.

Claire gets news that Petronella and the baby died of measles. Herr Mueller isn't sick, he's insane. He blames Claire for the deaths. The pastor tells Claire she better look out because the dude is on the rampage looking to avenge Petronella's death. Oh yay.

Clair spends the rest of the day filling her guns.

Herr Mueller shows up at Claire's place and with him, he delivers not only madness but Adawehi's scalp. Claire is destroyed. She decides to box it and put it in the fireplace to burn.

At the same time she's doing that, Herr Mueller's wife is being attacked at her cabin. The Indians seek revenge and fire fiery arrows at the cabin, one landing squarely in Frau Mueller's back. Herr Mueller arrives just in time to die beside his wife.

Claire can barely sleep, and when Rollo hears something at sunrise, she grabs the gun aiming for the door. It's not an enemy though, it's Jamie.

He sees her distress and dashes toward her. At least she wasn't attacked this time around.

Claire is out gathering wood when she hears someone coming up behind her whistling a tune. It's Murtagh. 

Brianna is at the stones and disappears. Roger is reading the letter. She asks Roger not to follow her and to think of her happily in the past, the same way he once askes her to think of her mother.

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Outlander Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Adawehi: Do you have children?
Claire: Yes, I have a daughter, but she lives far, far away.
Adawehi: She is here.
Claire: Yes. She is here. [touches her heart]

Jamie: Does Brianna have a birthmark on her neck?
Claire: Yes, she does, but I don't remember mentioning it to you.
Jamie: I saw it in a dream last night. A wee brown mark shaped like a diamond. It was behind her left ear.