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Brianna asks Jamie what happened to his hand. They go for a walk and talk about her tragedy. He wants her to get married.

She's worried Roger won't want her as a result of what happened. Jamie says if he loves her, he will stand by her.

When Brianna keeps blaming herself, Jamie provokes her to prove she's no match against a man. Not her loving father nor a man intent on raping her. Had she fought harder, she would have wound up dead.

She wonders if Jamie fought back when he was raped. it takes Jamie by surprise. He gave his word not to fight for her mother's life and would do the same again. She's wondering if Jamie killed him in the end. Would it make her feel better?

Jamie tried to get back his honor when he fought against Randall, but he did fight and kill Randall at Culloden, he says. She'll never forget what happened to her, Jamie says, but time will allow her to heal.

Poor Roger in his short pants is being tugged along on a rope with another dude by Indians. the other guy keeps dropping, making things worse for Roger. He's marking days on a string.

Claire offers to Brianna an abortion. Hope that the baby is Roger's makes her decision harder, especially when Claire tells her she needs to go through the stones just about now.

They enjoy time at the house while Brianna tries to decide what to do. It's just happy family time.

Brianna has a dream about Roger. In the middle of the dream, Roger turns into Bonnet. Lizzie wakes her up and the two talk about what Jamie did. Finally, the truth is revealed about who Lizzie thought hurt Brianna. Brianna didn't even think Lizzie knew she got raped, if you can believe that.

The Fraser family is one unhappy family.

Roger is the last prisoner. But instead of putting his ass on a horse so they can move faster, they still tug him along on a rope.

Claire won't go to find Roger leaving Lizzie and Brianna behind. No way no how. Murtagh offers to take Brianna to see Auntie Jacosta.

the Mohawk continue tugging Roger along. He falls down a hill and his shoulder is dislocated or something, but his hand frees from the rope and off he goes!


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Outlander Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Brianna: I keep thinking maybe if he was dead, maybe I could forget.
Jamie: You willna forget, but time will let you heal.

Brianna: Do you hate me Da?
Jamie: Hate ya?
Brianna: An unwed, pregnant daughter can't be what you hoped for.
Jamie: How can I hate you for something you didna do but was done to ya?