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Roger is moving out of his father's home in Inverness in 1970. The gal taking over the place suggests he go tell Brianna he's in love with her.

Jamie is telling Jocasta that they'll be moving on to find their own homestead. She wishes he'd stay, but there's nothing she can do to change their minds. Jamie tries to give back the money, but she won't allow that either. She finally gives him a box of some of his mother's belongings, as well. Precious items.

Jocasta only wishes she could look upon his face just once.

We're back to the bullshit where Jamie tries to force Ian to go home. That story is getting old. If they see fit to completely erase three months of story getting to know Jocasta, they can creatively erase that, too.

Claire isn't even kind to Jocasta as she says goodbye.

Brianna and Roger meet up at the airport and begin playing word games during their drive. They almost drive off the road with a kiss, the very same road centuries earlier Claire and Jamie are riding through with a horse and cart.

John Quincy Myers has been accompanying them on their journey and Ian decides to journey with him on the next part of his trip to see the natives.

Jamie wonders if he and Claire should go to Boston. She doesn't want to go back. When they're riding together, Claire admits Brianna and Frank were closer than Claire ever was to Brianna.

If Jamie had nobody else to care for, he'd be an outlaw. But he's law the world at Claire's feet. 

When a storm breaks out, their mule makes a run for it, and Claire takes off after it.

Brianna and Roger make their way to the Scottish Festival.

Brianna and Roger talk about the Scots who settled North Carolina in the 18th century. They enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Centuries earlier, the mule comes back. Claire is lost. Lightning hits a tree setting it on fire, her horse throws her, and Claire is out cold.

Roger has joined a trio on stage for a little music. Suddenly he's a solo artist.

Brianna seduces Roger after his performance, but when he proposes marriage to her, she doesn't like him enough for that.

The next five minutes are incredibly interesting as she wants to continue down the sex road, and he wants her only if she wants to marry him because he respects her too much to do otherwise.

In the past, Claire finds a skull, hears a pack of coyotes and sees a man as Jamie is out elsewhere riding around to find her. He finds her horse, but there is no sign of Claire.

With the skull is a strange stone. When she speaks to it, a ghost of a man dressed as indian appears wearing the totem around his neck and carrying the torch. It was his skull. He appeared to have been scalped.

At a ceremony, Roger looks around for Claire. They bumble their words. He hopes she changed her mind. She has not.

Claire wakes up without her boots. The rain has stopped, though, and she sees her own boot prints in a path before her.

She follows the path back to Jamie. Neither of them have an explanation for how her boots got there without her.

 They found Frasers Ridge on Green Screen Mountain.

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Outlander Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Roger: What in God's name are you playin' at?
Brianna: You said you wanted me. I want you, too. Don't you know that?
Roger: So you won't marry me, but you'll fuck me?

Claire: You love working with horses.
Jamie: Is that a question or an observation?
Claire: More of an observation.