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Roger walks right by Fergus looking for Brianna. Fergus is on his way home to see his wee bairn.

Marsali is excited because they have visitors -- Jamie and Claire have come to town to see the Governor and a play as well as check in on their precious kin.

A frustrated Roger gets up from a table and is ready to stomp out of a pub when he hears Brianna asking for passage on a ship. She's angry. He wasn't supposed to come here; that wasn't the plan.

She didn't know where they stood the last time they talked. He's confused about that. To him, it was an argument. To her, it was over.

While they're arguing, she says she loves him, and that's all Roger hears. They sneak into an alleyway and reignite their passion. In the meantime, That chick who is tagging along with Brianna watches through a window with a frown on her face.

Roger starts ravaging Brianna, but she stops him. Has he changed his mind about having some of her or none at all? No, he hasn't. But it's OK. She'll marry him. How can she say no to a man who followed her for 200 years? He has no ring, but she still has the bracelet he got her. He suggests handfasting. She's all for it.

Jamie and Claire meet Mr. Fanning while hanging out with the Governor at the play. Fanning hurt himself quite a bit, but Claire thinks she may be able to help him at some point. Tryon doesn't think much of her offer for help. Tryon introduces Claire to his wife, Margaret. Margaret points out George Washington, someone Claire is most interested in meeting.

While Claire is meeting the someday first president, Roger and Brianna are handfasting, kneeling before a fire. Roger Jeremiah and Brianna Ellen.  By the power vested in the unusual Scottish tradition, they announce themselves man and wife.

It's time to get all bodied.

That gal can't believe Brianna is still off with that man of wonton morals.

Jamie learns at the play the Redcoats are going to arrest the insurgents as they prepare to rob a carriage carrying tax money. Tryon even knows the name of their leader -- Murtagh Fitzgibbons. How is it that Tryon knows all about Jamie's history but not of his history with Fitzgibbons?

Brianna and Roger are enjoying each other's company. She's more brazen than he imagined, and he appears to like it. And oh my, they give her parents a run for the money with a sex scene.

Jamie has ants in his pants as he worries over Murtagh. 

Brianna and Roger revel in each other.

Jamie punches Fanning in the stomach to force surgery as a diversion while he goes to warn Murtagh. 

Claire does her thing in the lobby while Jamie catches a ride with the Washingtons. 

Tryon finds helping Claire to be quite exciting. When the "doctor" arrives, he wanted to blow smoke up Fanning's ass, and I can only assume that's where the saying comes from because poor Fanning would have died straight away.

Jamie made it to Fergus and Fergus warns Murtagh not to rob the coach. He had about 10 seconds to spare.

While they're reveling in the afterglow, Roger lets slip that he knew about the obituary. When he tells her he found it before she left, he doesn't expect her reaction to his news of keeping the secret so as not to break her heart, Brianna isn't pleased. Learning Fiona was also involved added insult to injury.

A beautiful day turns into a nightmare when Roger compares Brianna to the girl she was when she lost Frank. Then they spit out that Roger should leave and she doesn't stop him and like all other passionate romance stories, he stomps out the door leaving her lost and on her own.

Jamie and Tryon are in a carriage when Tryon gets the idea it was Washington who alerted the insurgents to stand down.

A tear-stained Brianna steps out and back to her tavern where Stephen Bonnet is playing cards. He grabs her and asks her to blow on his next bet. It's her mother's ring. 

Brianna offers Bonnet money for the ring. He suggests she earn the money and rapes her while everyone listens to her being abused in the other room. Brianna walks away with the ring and a lot more.

When she gets outside the door, she can't believe someone has placed her boots upright.

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Outlander Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Roger: You'll marry me?
Brianna: How can I say no to a man who followed me for 200 years?

Being a mother to that wee bairn my heart is so full of love it's fit to burst.