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Marsali wonders how Claire knows what to look for as she searches for penicillin.

Claire admits she's daring history to try and stop her from discovering the drug, and it's tempting fate.

Jamie arrives home in the middle of the night prompting him to thank God for Claire.

Jamie is shocked that Knox acted so recklessly. He liked him.

Jamie reveals news of Murtagh's army, not afraid to face death.

Jamie is worried the tenants who swore an oath to him will be cursing his name once he calls them to action.

Jamie hopes to gather enough men to counter a potential war.

She's going with him. He needs her help if anyone gets injured.

Jamie sends Fergus to post a notice in town to gather the militia. Fergus takes a piece of paper from Claire's desk to do it.

Claire gives Marsali a bunch of instructions before she goes so that she can keep up her training.

Jamie tells Claire that Bonnet is alive. It's an odd time since she just left Brianna alone at the homestead.

The guys sit around the fire and crack jokes, and Claire joins right in with them.

A boy is running through camp. It's Josiah. But it's not Josiah. This boy has the thief's brand. There are two of them!

It's Keziah, his brother.

His brother is indentured to a man not far from here. He had promised to go back for him when he had the means to do it. Keziah has been deaf since he was five after the master boxed his ears.

His ruptured eardrums have never healed because the boxing has continues.

They were purchased for a term of 30 years from the ship's captain after everyone was killed. Mr. Beardsley is their master. He beat them and starved them.

Jamie intends to purchase their indenture which means a visit to Beardsley.

Jamie leaves Roger in charge of gathering more men as they continue their journey while he and Claire go to see Beardsley.

Jamie wants Claire to cut the thief brand off of the boys so they can be truly free of their past.

Someone is home at the house, but nobody answers. Claire heads to the barn while Jamie heads to the house.

Claire finds the kittens on Kezzie's pants.

Jamie sees animals inside the house, and when he looks away, a young woman pops her head into the pane of glass.

She's not very nice. She tells Jamie her husband's dead. Jamie asks after purchasing the indentures. She says to keep 'em as she has no use for them.

But Jamie needs the boys' papers lest they change their mind about owning them.

Jamie returns to the girl. She opens the door to let them in when Jamie asks after the papers.

The smell inside is atrocious. Heavy with child, the girl says she doesn't know where the papers might be.

There is a pounding at the door. When Jamie opens the door, gun drawn, a larger goat emerges.

Claire worries about the smell. She's certain it isn't goat.

There is a dripping above the ceiling, and Claire heads upstairs to investigate.

Upstairs, she finds Mr. Beardsly rotting in his own filth.

He probably suffered a stroke, Claire says.

Roger does his best to gather more men for the militia, even taking sons away from mothers.

The guy is covered in bedsores that are writhing with maggots.

The girl has been harming the man. Jamie wonders if he was bled to try to heal him. No, Claire says. She's been burning the bottom of his feet over and over again.

The man can communicate, which is not a comfort to Claire and Jamie.

Claire wants to saw off the man's foot. Jamie says they don't have time for that. Claire can't leave him like that. But while they turn their backs, the girl tries to kill him.

After a fight with Jamie, she goes into labor.

Quite a graphic delivery scene as she has a little girl.

The baby's father is black. The girl is thrilled that the baby isn't Beardsley's.

Two years ago, the man took her from her father in Baltimore. He's had plenty of wives, all who have died.

The girl sees their ghosts. Beardsley killed them all because they couldn't give him a baby. The father of hers is a good man.

The girl and the boys were all beaten terribly by Beardsley. She thinks the boys deserve some happiness, and Claire thinks she does, too.

Claire finally asks her name. Frances. Her mother used to call her Fanny. Fanny thinks Claire's name is Sassenach, but Clarie tells her it's Claire.

Claire tells Jamie that she wants Brianna and Roger and Jemmy to go back to the future. He doesn't agree.

By morning, Fanny is gone, leaving Claire and Jamie to the baby.

They must have gone nose blind to be able to sleep in that house.

Under the baby are the indentured papers and the deed to the house.

They pack up the animals for goats milk for their trip to Brownsville.

Jamie decides to kill the old man. He would do it for a dog, so why should he do less for the man?

Jamie finds a crucifix on the floor and puts it on the mantle. He asks the man to blink once for yes and twice for no.

Jamie asks if he wants to lose his foot and have Claire tend to him or if he'd like Jamie to take his life. Jamie doesn't want to send a wicked man's soul to hell, so he asks the man to pray with him. He refuses. Jamie asks for God's forgiveness for them both and shoots him in the head.

Jamie begs Claire to promise him that if he ever falls in a similar vein as Beardsley and his father that she'll give him the same mercy he just gave Beardsley.

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Claire: I'm coming with you.
Jamie: If there is a war with the Regulators...
Claire: Then you will need a physician. Murtagh, Knox, Tryon, they've all made their choices, and I've made mine. You need my help.
Jamie: I always have. And I always will.

Whatever happens with the Regulators -- there isn't anything written about it as far as I know -- it can't amount to much.