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Claire is giving Marsali an obstetrics checkup. Marsali has been doing so well that she'll be able to deliver the baby herself.

The seasons are changing.

Robgr is trying to get jiggy with Brianna, but Jemmy is watching him.

Jamie pounds on the door, but they're nekkid and trying to round themselves up before answering it. When he wants an excellent marksman, Brianna offers up her less-than-worthy husband, much to Jamie's dismay.

Ian is still there and helping with the hunt. All of the young men are involved.

Jamie and Roger Mac head out alone.

There is a cow patty on the floor of the forest, and Roger promptly steps into it. There are buffalo all over the field ahead. Jamie prepares to shoot one. It makes me want to cry.

Jamie is reloading. But his thumb is quivering. He falls aside and gets bitten by a snake.

Roger thinks it's venomous. He'll have to cut it and suck out the venom. The bite is, of course, on Jamie's inner thigh.

Jamie feels that Roger has done enough and pushes him off.

Jamie asks Roger to find the others. But he's keen enough to take the remains of the snake for Claire.

The women are having a good day for dying, and with the snakebite and Marsalis' far-along pregnancy, it does not sound good, especially since the opening showed the end of the syringe on the battlefield.

Brianna is trying to figure out what she can possibly do with herself and her education on the Ridge.

Brianna wonders if Jamie is content being a laird, but Claire reminds her that he's also a father and a husband, no small tasks.

Claire assures Brianna that both she and Roger will find their purpose if they cannot make their way back to the future.

Roger is lost in the woods. Oh lord.

He fires a gun in both directions seemingly to give him a sense of direction.

Rollo leads the men back, but Jamie and Roger are nowhere to be seen.

Nobody thinks much of it believing Jamie might have decided to make camp.

Jamie is in the woods making a fire when Roger returns. Jamie is eating his attacker.

Roger tries to make the fire a little smokier.

Jamie has pins and needles in his fingers, and his lips are numb, but he's well enough. Roger hopes he's been drinking a lot of whiskey.

Roger looks at Jamie's wound, which is getting bad.

Later that night, Jamie wants to know if Roger knows the last rites. And no, Roger says, you're not gonna die. Thus evolves a long discussion about all that Roger must do if Jamie dies.

Jamie finally tells Roger he's glad that he's there. At that, Roger says if you want me to face Bonnet, you're going to have to teach me to fight.

The next morning, Young Ian sees Jamie's horse outside.

Roger is dragging Jamie through the woods. Jamie tells Roger to follow the wind from the west home.

Jamie wants everyone to go back through the stones as soon as they know Jemmy is able. And please tell Brianna he's proud and Claire that he meant it.

It's getting to be a little much for Roger. He lays his hand on Jamie's chest and calls to God not to allow Jamie to die.

The men are out hunting for Roger and Uncle Jamie, Young Ian leading them.

Roger is in a clearing and hears them. But his voice fails him, so he begins smacking a stick against a tree. It works!

Rollo arrives before the others, and then Jamie is before his wife with his wound in her hands.

Jamie is hardly comforted by Claire's bedside manner. The venom is already in his blood, so she asks that everyone look for maggots to eat the dead flesh.

The hunt is on.

Claire is also going to give him some oral penicillin, but it's not going to be enough.

Jamie still impresses everyone with his snide remarks.

When Claire is tender, Jamie realizes that he might not be alright. She immediately chastizes him to put him at ease.

Claire says only one of them gets to be frightened at a time, and right now it's her turn.

Jamie looks at his foot that is turning crazy. A few minutes later, he has grabbed a saw. He wants to live, but he won't lose his leg.

What a stubborn man.

Roger hoped that if he got Jamie home to Claire in time... Brianna assures Roger that Jamie is too stubborn to die. Then he tells her about the plan that has been put into motion to find and kill Bonnet.

Children aren't believed to be allowed to be conceived under rape, and that's one of the reasons why Roger is worried about Bonnet's claim.

The men couldn't kill a buffalo earlier, but now, one wants to eat Jemmy. Brianna tries to get the guy to charge her away from Jemmy.

He does what she wishes, and Claire shoots him. Nobody could have imagined that!

Jamie has crawled all the way out to the porch.

Jamie sure is a hot sick man.

Roger tells Jamie that the maggots will tickle something fierce. Jamie says he's a great comfort, that Roger Mac.

Claire's worried that if she amputates, every time Jamie looks down, it will be a constant reminder that she didn't keep her word.

Young Ian is highly annoyed at Jamie's need to move to his bed. Jamie is complaining about amputation, and Young Ian wonders if he ever thought that way about Ian or Fergus, who both lost parts.

Young Ian admired Jamie enough to run away with him, but now he's ashamed. Claire comes in to see Jamie has gone and has a brief moment of panic.

Jamie had to move so that Claire didn't have to sleep in the surgery on the floor.

Young Ian doesn't want Fergus to see Jamie because Jamie's acting so embarrassing about amputation.

Fergus says he's a man of leisure which is what they used to joke about once he lost his hand.

Jamie wakes with fear in his eyes, asking Claire to sleep beside him.

Jamie is cold, and he cannot feel Claire's touch. He passes out, and Claire strips off her clothes to lay upon her husband flesh to flesh.

He takes a giant breath of air.

His breath is shallow in the morning, but he wants to give her back her word. When the time comes, she can take his leg.

Roger is getting ready to burn the snake part when Brianna stops him. She's going to create something!

Marsali is going to give birth right out in the woods.

Claire is preparing to cut off Jamie's leg, which is now practically black. He wants Young Ian to bury his leg somewhere he can never see it.

Jamie is ready. Claire wishes there were more people around.

There is the sound of horseback. Young Ian gives Jamie something to put in his mouth, and Jamie grabs onto Young Ian's coat.

Brianna enters with the snakehead. She's made a syringe out of the teeth. She's all engineery.

Claire sticks the syringe right into the wound, which is right up in the camera's face. Ewwww!

Marsali has a beautiful baby who is healthy and safe. It's baby Felicity.

Jamie could have easily died, and he wanted to, but he decided to stay, and that's when he asked her to touch him.

Even now, Claire still needs reassurance of Jamie's love. He will always love her. And there's a war coming, and God has given him a duty, and he will do it, no matter the cost.

Claire assures him that he made the wise choice.

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Brianna: Nasty sting you got there. Want me to blow on it?
Roger: You are a sadist. Must get it from your father.
Jemmy: Shit! [giggles]
Brianna: Oh, that's his new word. Must have got that from his father.

It does make me feel better that you'll be here. Not so much as my physician, but to share it with me, as a, as my ma.