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Roger is leading the militia through a small town. They are met with gunfire. The men are looking for Isaiah. A girl runs out of the house, apologizing. She couldn't marry a guy like they asked.

Roger tells everyone to stand down and puts down his weapon.

Brianna arrives back from town with supplies. Inside of Jemmy's basket, she finds a coin.

A man had ruffled Jemmy's hair and asked whether Jemmy took after his mother or his father. Brianna immediately suspects Bonnet.

Brianna wants to move into the big house.

Roger works on getting the girl's father whiskied up.

Roger offers money for the militiamen to join. The guy's daughter had a good proposal for his daughter, but Isaiah dirtied her so the man wouldn't wed her.

The man plans on doing ill to Isaiah.

Jamie enjoys watching Claire mothering the bonnie wee thing.

Some of the men have left the militia because they didn't respect what Roger did.

Jamie and Claire arrive as Roger is singing with the townsfolk. Jamie thinks he's won them over.

Josiah and Kezzie get the good news about their indenture.

Josiah thinks he must be older than 14. Jamie doesn't want him to lose his life on the battlefield but to enjoy his freedom.

Claire and Fergus share the minor difficulties they've run into along the way.

Lucinda is the daughter-in-law of the homeowners. She just had a child and can properly feed the baby.

Claire gets questions all around about the baby.

Bonnie is the daughter of a slave but hardly that at all.

Jamie hears from Roger about offering a drink to calm the situation, but all Jamie notices is that men have left. He's unimpressed.

They disagree about how he handled the situation.

Jamie then visits Isaiah. He must set things right and marry the girl. but Isaiah already has a wife.

His marriage was arranged. He likes the sullied woman, but he can't do anything about it because he'll never see Allie again.

claire spills her drink onto a pamphlet that happens to have the medical advice that she and Brianna had written.

Claire takes the pamphlet under the guise of using it for kindling.

Claire wants Jamie to go easier on Roger.

Claire wonders who would have submitted her notes to the printer without noting. Jamie susses out that Fergus used Claire's notes to take his message to the printer.

Everyone is up in arms to find that Isaiah is gone. A man rides up just as Jamie tries to keep the peace by restraining the man from going to get Isaiah. He then tries to call them traitors to the crown if they make a move.

The two brothers are not impressed with the character of the company Jamie keeps. But they also want to stop the civil unrest and rid the countryside of the Regulators, so they'll ride with Jamie.

He offers Claire a place to sleep.

Outside getting firewood, Brianna hears a noise in the woods. She's freaking out a bit about the possibilities of what's out there.

When she sees Jemmy is gone, she panics. But Jemmy has just wandered out the door to find his ball.

Marsali wonders what has caused Brianna such a fright.

Claire finds out that Lucinda's baby passed away after birth, and they would love to keep the baby as their own.

Claire chats with Allie about Isaiah. Allie will follow Isaiah wherever to be with him.

Claire assures Allie that Isaiah Morton is not worth the trouble. When the girl hears he's married, she begins to cry.

She's sure she'll never want anyone else and no one else will ever want her. She thinks she's pregnant.

Marsali killed her father, who abused her greatly, she says. But she had nothing to do with his death other than wishing him dead.

Kezzie has swollen tonsils just like Josiah's.

Roger feels bad when he's sent away with Claire to do surgery. Jamie has no faith in him. But Claire points out that Jamie just entrusted him with the thing he loves most.

Brianna burns her drawings of Bonnet.

Frivolity and dancing around the fire for the militia.

Claire talks with Jamie about leaving the baby with Lucinda. He partly wanted to keep her, but it allows for a lovely conversation between them.

A shot rings out. It's Alysia. She's trying to kill herself. She only managed to wing her right arm.

Morton is there looking for Allie. Jamie thinks it's ridiculous. When Isaiah finds out she's with child, he gets a large smile on his face. He seems to love the girl.

He hasn't shared a bed or a home with his wife for two years. Allie has his heart and soul.

Isaiah uses Jamie's and Roger's love for their women in his own defense.

They prepare to ride off together, but the horse knocks over some barrels, so Jamie releases the horses to make people think that's what happened. He finds the goat roamin' about who must have startled the horses.

All you can hope for in these situations is that the good will outweigh the harm that may come of it, Claire says.

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Jamie: What would you do when the whiskey ran out?
Roger: I was hoping that you would arrive before that happened, and you did.

Roger: I avoided confrontation. I kept the peace.
Jamie: You ken the meaning of the word Captain, Captain MacKenzie? Is that one you can explain to me? Your men left because you betrayed their trust. Those are men who won't have much faith left. They swore to follow us into battle, to risk their lives. As Captain, you must honor their loyalty above all else.