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It's Scotland! Murtagh is telling his son that his mother is gone and that he promised her that he'd always follow Jamie no matter where he went or what he needed.

New beginning!

Jamie is teaching Roger how to shave with a straight razor.

It's the first day Jamie has had off from working on the house.

Jamie has never looked more the father than he does shaving Roger.

roger laments how little he knows about living in the time they're in but hopes he'll find a suitable job to provide for his family.

Jamie created a ring for Roger to give to Brianna at their wedding.

There is a large turnout for the wedding as Claire and Jamie have made a lot of friends at Fraser's Ridge.

Claire has dreamt of Brianna's wedding for so long.

Jamie is also taking care of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Bri's parents worry that the young couple has a lot to learn, but they also have good teachers.

Jamie is bowled over by his daughter in her wedding gown. He delivers all that she needs for a successful day, including a silver sixpence from Murtagh who wishes he could be there.

The tinge of tears in Jamie's eyes bring them to mine, as well.

The two share a toast before he walks her down the aisle.

Lord John Gray is there!

Roger carries the scars from his recent ordeal. there is something so beautiful about a natural wedding without too much pomp and circumstance.

Jamie wishes the wedding was in Latin and delivered by a Catholic priest.

Jamie and Claire recall their nuptials fondly repeating after Brianna, as long as we both shall live.

Governor Tryon is there for the occasion. He's disappointed there won't be a hunt in celebration.

He wants to talk business during the otherwise beautiful day.

He also speaks negatively of Jamie's writing in light of Murtagh's continued fugitive status.

Roger finds out his father-in-law consider him a heretic when a little wee boy tells Roger has ticks.

the happy couple feeds each other cake before Jocasta comes up to say hello.

Roger spoils the moment by talking of returning to the future. The thought brings a frown to Brianna's face.

There' a drinking contest among the men as they get plastered.

Lord John doesn't get to do Shakespeare. Drink!

Brianna ask Claire if they should teach the crowd the mashed potato or the twist.

She wonders upon John and Jamie talking. Bonnett has been found in the province. That conjures up terrible memories for Brianna and ruins her day.

Claire and Brianna talk about how happy Frank would be that Bri married an Oxford man.

Claire joins Roger for a dance leaving Brianna to stew.

Jocasta is shown back to her cabin where Murtagh awaits.

He has created an enchanting woodland cottage for them to use.

Claire and Jamie are on baby duty for the night.

Roger plays and sings for Brianna.

the party continues outside while three couples wind up entwined in each other's arms.

Make that four!

Claire and Jamie are working very hard to stay quiet as they make love.

Is that Brianna's first nude scene?

Brianna cannot sleep afterward thinking of Bonnet.

Jocasta and Murtagh talk about their limited time and how things could have been different.

Jocasta shares that she's received a marriage proposal from Duncan Ennis.

She hasn't given him an answer yet, obviously hoping that there's a way she and Murtagh can be together. He says he won't stand in the way of her happiness, and she unclasps her hand from his.

Youngsters begin to connect as they wait for Claire's medical services, and Jamie teases the young man named Josiah.

roger visits Jocasta outside of her tent. She wonders if Brianna shared the news that she hoped to leave the property to Brianna. She's changed her mind. Instead, she will leave it all to Jeremiah since protestants are keen on divorce.

It doesn't sit well as she continues talking about the fact that Jeremiah might not be his son.

He tells her to cram her money up her hole which is exactly the reaction she was deeply hoping to receive.

Josiah, meanwhile, needs to get his tonsils out. Jamie wants him to settle at the ridge and do the hunting while he's away.

There is a brand mark of a T on his hand which stands for thief.

Claire needs help with the number of patients who are sitting outside of their door.

Tryon wants Jamie to gather men and hunt Murtagh right now. He wants Murtagh hanging as an example to all. Jamie just smiles and bows.

Roger and Brianna talk about being a family. He's creating a blood oath with Jeremiah to prove to his bride and anyone else who ever asks that they are connected by blood no matter how it happened.

Jamie returns to Claire with the bad news that he's leaving in a week to hunt Murtagh.

Tryon will take the land back and brand him a traitor if Jamie refuses the hunt.

They both worry about what the potential war means for Roger who is not fit for such an endeavor.

Jamie decides to give Tryon a Scot if he wants a Scot.

He unpacks his tartan while Scottish music plays and emerges before his wife in his full regalia.

She gives him a nod.

Jamie goes before his people of Fraser's Ridge and burns a fiery cross drawing everyone forth.

He's preparing them for battle. The Redcoats watch on uncertainly as Jamie rouses his friend and neighbors to stand by his hand.

Despite his nod toward Roger, the man fails to swear his fealty. Even Brianna is confused about what has happened. Claire tells her it was an opportune moment.

Jamie calls upon Roger naming him Captain so that he can stay by Jamie's side safely. Jamie thought he was going to have to walk Roger through the pledge, but Roger does him proud, reciting his pledge of fealty without error.

Fergus is up next, just after Jamie promises that the next time he lights that cross, he'll need more than their pledge.

The new cross is atop the ridge. There is one last thing, Jamie says. It's time, Claire agrees.

Jamie goes to see Murtagh with the news. Murtagh wonders why Jamie can't tell him more about the future of which he seems so certain, but Jamie stands firm in his belief.

Murtagh creates a little stone circle and asks if Jamie can ask them to go back and change things so that he can, too.

Jamie releases Murtagh from the vow he made to his mother. It's another moment Sam Heughan knocks it out of the park.

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Jamie: But having just got you back, must I give you away so soon?
Brianna: Da. No matter where I am, I will always be your wee girl.

Claire: You've been busy.
Jamie: I should so what I can for her. While I have the chance. We've not had enough time together.
Claire: It was going to happen one day. And we're giving her away to a man who loves her. What? You doubt his love?