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Big Foster was given soup by an old woman who said she found him on the road, but when she tried to get up, he was tied to the bed. 

Eventually, he tried to escape, but he was smacked with an axe on his gun shot wound. 

Later, the youngest boy saved Foster and Foster murdered the whole family, before making his way back up the mountain. 

G'Winn was shocked by people seeking shelter at the camp, but she gave them shelter. She was horrified when they threw out Big Foster's belongings. 

She reluctantly agreed to let them stay, but everybody was shocked by the return of Big Foster. 

In the town, Wade continued to try save Little Foster, but he was fighting a losing battle. Lawyers were drafted in to try get him to admit to Breece's murder. 

Later, he was denied bail and sent to County jail and it seemed clear he was facing an uncertain fate. 

Wade also found out that Letta had pancreatic cancer. Her demeanor destroyed him because it seemed that she did not care about it. 

All she seemed concerned with was finding Breece's murderer, and keeping the kids out of her cancer battle. 

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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Wade: You’re going to block off the mountain?
Matt: If we can, yes.
Wade: I’m sorry, I have a question. We have no money for a medical clinic, but we got, like, a zillion dollars to spend on a 20 mile fence around Shay Mountain?

G’win: I’m Gwinveer - the brenin, who speaks for you?
Margan: I do. I’m Margan… the red kenna. We come from the shadowside of this mountain. Our water has gone black - tainted by the lowlanders road building.