Making Their Presence Felt - Outsiders
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Haylie storms into the police station, claiming she knows the truth to a shocked Matt. She then tries to leave, but Wade wants to know what happened to her. 

She manages to get away, but Matt shows up at her hotel room, before swiping her key card. When he leaves, Haylie puts the dirt in the salt and vinegar jar and disposes of the rest. 

She is worried she is caught. Later, Wade is called to the hotel room and finds her body hanging from the shower rail. 

Meanwhile, water runs out on the mountain, forcing the Farrells to put a daring plan in motion that involved stealing from the residents of Blackburg. 

When the group go down to the streets of Blackburg, G'Win tries to get everyone on her side, but she does not tell them that the others are robbing the stores. 

In the end, Wade chases everyone away, before trying to arrest Big Foster for Breece's murder. However, he lets him leave with Li'l Foster. 

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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

It's time we go down there and take what's ours.


We don't want any trouble, come have a drink with me.