Missing Person - P-Valley
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Patrice has whipped up a crowd to protest the casino. She and Uncle Clifford agree to work together against the casino. Wyatt and Wayne Kyle are upset about the leasing agreement but grudgingly sign it. Andre and Mayor Ruffin get into it afterward. Eloise breaks in to tell them about the protest. Mercedes finds out about Clifford and Patrice's partnership and she's not happy. Corbin, battered from fighting his two brothers, is waiting for Clifford when he gets home. After a disagreement, Clifford bans Corbin from The Pynk. Keyshawn calls L'il Murda on his stagefright. She has him rap while he's naked to get over it. Sheriff Bailey informs Clifford that the mayor wants him to crack down on The Pynk. Bailey recognizes Autumn as the woman for whom Montavious is searching. Mercedes confronts Clifford. He shames her into dancing one last time. Autumn tells Mercedes she's leaving. Mercedes convinces her to have Andre come to the club to say goodbye. Clifford gives the staff a pep talk. Clifford and Murda share a quiet moment. Maite covers up Keyshawn's bruises. Diamond loans Keyshawn his good-luck charm to give her courage. They almost kiss but Gidget busts in, pissed off because her man Duffy isn't coming. Diamond sends Keyshawn's boyfriend Derrick to the back of the line. Both Montavious and Andre are in line to see Autumn. Murda's manager Zari spots Clifford and him together. Gidget confronts Derrick but he menaces her back. Autumn's lap dance for Andre keeps getting interrupted by calls. It's Andre's wife Britney, who's at his hotel room. So he leaves. Zari admits he's also gay to Murda. Andre surprises Britney as well. Montavious rebuffs Mercedes and indicates he's there for Autumn. Autumn freezes when she sees Montavious. Montavious is after the money Autumn/Hailey stole from him. 

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P-Valley Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Autumn: But you gotta want something more than that.
Mercedes: Ain't no love for ladies selling lust because that's all they ever want from you.

Wyatt: Ain't this pouring sugar on shit.
Mayor Ruffin: Shit with sugar on it is better than nothin', don't ya think, Wyatt?