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A patron is enjoying her night at The Pynk until Toy sneezes on her after they both have taken off their masks in the Paradise Room. Unfortunately, the patron is Health Inspector Lauren Hawkins. She orders the club closed because no one is wearing their masks. She gives Uncle Clifford and Autumn 24 hours to take care of a laundry list of code violations. Big L breaks up a brawl between Roulette and Brazil. Roulette discovers she and Big L both have side hustles they want to keep secret. Patrice is running for mayor. Lil Murda is chafing as Keyshawn's star rises. Gidget has joined Murda's tour. Corbin doubles his offer to $1 million but Autumn turns him down. Andre catches Brittany having sex with another doctor. He had come home to seek her blessing for his mayoral run. Mercedes arrives at the condo to surprise Coach but Farrah is there instead. Farrah is entranced by Mercedes on the pole and starts shooting photos. Duffy arrives with a truckload of workers and equipment to fix up The Pynk. The dancers and Diamond show up to help out as well. The Birmingham tour stop is endangered by a curfew brought on by rioting. Farrar admits she texted Mercedes posing as Coach. They have sex. Diamond feels bad vibes in the Paradise Room. Mayor Kyle orders a curfew in Chucalissa. Roulette tells Duffy about her brother Demethrius, who was killed by police. Big Bone convinces Diamond to go for a ride with her. Farrah leaves Mercedes a pile of cash. The police shooting and resulting violence winds up Big Teak and he gets into it with Tiny and Gidget. Teak and Murda have sex. Clifford and Mercedes overhear Autumn telling Andre about Corbin's offer. The Pynk doesn't pass inspection. Clifford texts Murda. 

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P-Valley Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You that heifer that fell asleep under the table after throwing up her whole divorce settlement.

Clifford [to Lauren]

Lauren: Most importantly, everyone needs to wear a mask at all times.
Uncle Clifford: Don't you see what the fuck's on my face?