Flying Around - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 6
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Diamond and Big Bone are having sex. But Diamond is distracted and keeps seeing Keyshawn's face instead. Big Bone realizes that he's thinking of someone else when he's with her and calls him on it. Lil Murda gets Big Teak a new ride and holds a celebration to aid with his transition to the outside world. Uncle Clifford, aided by Big L, is feuding with Autumn. The Pynk is still shut down by the health department. Keyshawn tells Murda about Rome attempting to rape her. Murda and Teak discuss Clifford. Keyshawn tries to escape with her kids but Derrick has sabotaged her car. Getting gas, Murda hears his song being played on the radio. Out of work, Roulette and Whisper end up dancing at a spades tournament. Mercedes goes back to Memphis for another threesome. Autumn crashes Andre's masquerade fundraiser. Coach reacts badly when he realizes that Mercedes and Farrah have been together without him. Duffy and Roulette connect. Keyshawn can't bring herself to shoot Derrick. Woddy doesn't want Teak on the tour. Teak suffers through flashbacks while walking through his old house. Autumn tags along with Promised Land executive Georgie Batson, who thinks she's the cigar girl. Autumn reveals who she is and how much she expects for The Pynk. Ernestine has caught Covid. Autumn is waiting at Andre's house when he gets home. They end up having sex. Teak sings Murda's lyrics from five years ago. Teak tells Murda about when his mother murdered his siblings, who the three tears tattooed on his cheek represent. Teak plans to kill himself. Murda refuses to leave but can't talk him out of it. Teak shoots himself in the head. Terrika shows up at Mercedes's house with a positive pregnancy test. A bloody Murda arrives at Clifford's house. 

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P-Valley Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Big Bone: Why you don't do security for The Pynk no more? You must have tried to save one of them ho's that wasn't ready to be saved.
Diamond: Who told you that?
Big Bone: Your eyes. They're so heavy that every time you be fuckin' me, they be closed. Next time, I want those chestnut eyes wide open.

Big Bone: What is it?
Diamond: It's protection.
Big Bone: You don't seem like the type of nigger that needs no protection.