Exploring Options - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7
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A frustrated Mercedes discovers that her shoulder still isn't ready for her to return to the pole. Uncle Clifford says that her problem is psychological. She challenges Clifford to deal with her Pynk problem. Clifford is unhappy that Murda is being so secretive. At Taffy's, Keyshawn slips Autumn birth certificates for her and her kids so that Autumn can line up passports. Autumn's plan to is have Keyshawn headline at The Pynk's reopening to make money for her escape. An attack ad announces that Andre's father isn't dead but is on Death Row for murder. Patrice is also attacked but she fights back. Keyshawn manuevers a guilt-racked Derrick into letting her dance at The Pynk. Georgie refuses to budge off $5 million for The Pynk. Murda visits Big Teak at Woddy's mortuary. Woddy encourages Murda to come out. After Mercedes fails her tryout, Autumn brings in Keyshawn. Roulette and Whisper fangirl over Keyshawn as Autumn and Clifford argue in the background. Clifford storms out. Big Teak's funeral is held. Shelle is handling the news of Terrika's abortion badly. Clifford decides to work with Corbin against Autumn. Roulette convinces Whisper to try prostitution with Terrence. Autumn brings moonshine and comforts Andre. She comes up with a way to help him in the mayoral race. Terrence shorts Autumn afterward and starts to choke her but Roulette pulls a gun on him and demonstrates how she got her nickname. Murda guns down Pico for the way he insulted Big Teak on video. Mercedes admits to Mane that she is still having nightmares about shooting Montavious. Patrice is doing a Zoom fundraiser and receives a donation of $10,000. It's from Corbin, who wants her to drop out of the race. Roulette takes Terrence's car which she had stolen to Duffy to sell. 

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P-Valley Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Mercedes: Maybe I ain't meant to fly no more.
Clifford: Niggers come to see you fall, not fly. And your injury ain't in your shoulder. It's in your head.

Uh-uh-uh. Ain't no cryin' in The Pynk.

Uncle Clifford [to Mercedes]