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The episode begins with Adam in pursuit of a possum that has been hiding in his attic. 

Crosby takes his son, Jabbar, out for breakfast in hopes of getting to know him.

Sarah drops her kids off at their new schools.  Amber and Drew are clearly distressed.

Adam is worried that Max continues to wear his pirate costume to school, but Kristina has no other way to get him to go. 

Crosby finds out Jasmine and Jabbar just moved back to town permanently.  Jasmine wants them to develop a relationship.  Crosby seems to have hesitations.

Zeek gives Sarah a pep talk, wanting her to find a good job, maybe as an executive. 

Amber finds out that she doesn't have enough credits to be a junior at her new school that she must start the year as a sophomore. 

Julia arrives home to find an attractive Racquel, baking cookies with her husband Joel.  Racquel even goes as far as kissing Joel on the cheek when leaving.

Crosby tells his girlfriend Katie that Max might have Asperger’s, to get out of their weekend together.  He wants to spend more time with his son Jabbar.

Adam is on the hunt for his elusive Possum and finds a bag of marijuana in their backyard.  Haddie first denies it belongs to her, but later admits the truth.

Sarah goes on her job interview with Pantheon.  They love her work but she still doesn't get the job, they cannot hire someone without a college degree. 

Crosby gets Max an appointment with Doctor Pelikan, who gives them confirmation of Max’s Asperger diagnosis.   

The Braverman family attends a school auction, where Julia gets in a bidding war with Racquel over a parking spot.  Of course Julia wins, but not before letting everyone in the auditorium know that Racquel doesn’t even have a job. 

After the auction, the Braverman siblings smoke a joint, in the school parking lot! 

Sarah meets with the school principal on Amber’s behalf and convinces him to let Amber continue as a junior.

In the last scene you see Adam playing pirates with his son Max in their backyard.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Sorry for not being the girl you thought I was (to her parents).


Kristina: Max is, he's smart, and he's beautiful and there's so much potential and hope.
Adam: So what now?
Kristina: We start to work.