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Adam provides his family new shoes that count mileage as you walk. The Braverman family will walk for Autistic kids, which Max has no idea that he is.

Haddie and Amber get into a fight at school.  Their parents are called to the school and Haddie blurts out the truth to her parents and Amber.   Amber has had sex with Steve.

Julia asks her mother if Zeek will move back in soon, and she tells Julia that he won’t.

Kristina feels she is lying to Max by not telling him he has Autism.  

Whore is written on Amber's school locker and Sarah goes to tell Kristina and Adam.  Kristina bows up, because she feels everyone is forgetting that Amber has slept with Steve.  Kristina and Sarah then get into a shouting match.  

Sarah sits down to talk to Amber about what happened.  Amber breaks down and thinks something is wrong with her and admits to also having feelings for Steve.

Crosby asks Jasmine about her audition in New York.  He is worried about what will happen to them if she gets the job.   

Steve talks to Amber and apologizes to her and tells her he'll do anything to fix the situation.  The two kiss just as Haddie walks by and sees.    

Sarah tells Adam that Camille has slept with her art teacher once.  He then tells his father the truth. Zeek lets Adam know he is a hero, always trying to fix everyone.   

At the walk for Autism, team Braverman wins.  Adam and his family are the only ones present, Sarah and her kids fail to show up.

Adam is pissed that no one made it out for the walk.  Sarah is tired of always being the problem and feels like she should just move back to Fresno.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Kristina: One big happy freaking family.
Adam: Alright, thank you.
Kristina: Super.

Sometimes being the perfect parent isn't worth the blood on the floor.