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This week's episode was called "Damage Control," and rightfully so.  Each Braverman had his or her own set of obstacles to overcome. How long would it take the Bravermans to overcome their seemingly insurmountable problems?  I'm guessing under an hour.

Julia and Joel struggled with the best way to explain death to Sydney after a feathered friend flies into their glass door and dies.

Adam and Kristina have dinner with Hadie's new boyfriend, Alex.  They are impressed by him, but are weary of the fact that he lives like an adult.

Jasmine and Crosby have their first of what I'm sure will be many arguments over their very different parenting styles when Jabar refuses to clean his room.

Sarah faces the harsh reality of her choices, when she realizes that someday she will have to tell her children about their father's drug and alcohol addiction.  

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

You're not his friend, you're his father.

Jasmine [to Crosby]

Julia: When did it become so hard to get pregnant?
Sarah: I really wasn't intending it either time, so...