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Kristina goes on a walk with her neighbor, Suzy Lessing, who tells her that 80% of marriages with autistic children end with divorce.  She tells Adam that she wants to go out for date night.

Haddie apologizes to Kristina and asks her for help in writing her speech.

Crosby celebrates an album and gets drunk.  He then gets a call from Renee to pick up Jabbar from school. He calls Gabby, at Adams, and she takes him to get Jabbar.  Jasmine’s brother Seiko shows up first and pushes down drunken Crosby. 

Sarah bumps into Mike at work and he asks her out on a date.  She then kisses him.

Joel has trouble finding a hobby for Sydney’s school presentation.  Joel doesn't have a hobby because he doesn’t have a life, his whole life is Sydney.  

Drew works on a school science project with Holly, whom Sarah believes has a crush on her son.  She tells her son to go for it and offers him advice on how to get the girl.    

Renee tells Crosby that Jabbar needs both his mother and father in his life full time.  

Drew kisses Holly when they are working on the science project and she rejects him.

For Joel's school presentation he brings in wood and helps the class make wooden art projects. It turns out to be a huge success.

For date night, Adam and Kristina go to a restaurant and see Sarah and Mike on a date.  The four end up sitting with each other.  No date night for either couple.

Drew is angry at Sarah and tells her he doesn't need her advice, that he just needs his father.  

Jasmine returns home because she has left the company.  She misses her family, Crosby and Jabbar.   

Haddie wins as student council president.

Adam and Kristina run out to pick up cake and end up on an impromptu date night.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I am very proud of you, not just because you won but because of how you conducted yourself. Alright, mostly because you won.


Joel: What am I going to do; I'm going to show them how to use fabric softener properly?
Zeek: Joel, I mean really. These kids are kindergartners, you could light your own fart and they would think you were Einstein. Come on!