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"Just Go Home" opens with Drew meeting his father in a sushi restaurant.  His father, played by the sorely missed John Corbett, is in town playing some shows and seems to be reaching out to his kids.  While Drew seems to be interested in a reunion, Amber wants nothing to do with the man who abandoned them.

Sarah, distraught over Seth's reappearance in her kids' lives, decides to pay her ex a visit.  But not before she has a fight with Zeek in which she reminded him and us, that Seth is the love of her life.  Seth cries when he sees Sarah and admits losing her was the worst thing he's ever done.

Later, with Sarah's permission, Amber and Drew attend one of Seth's shows.  After they hear Seth play a love song he wrote with Sarah, they head backstage to say bye.  Drew wants to stay, Amber pulls him away, and they fight...again.

Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine are meeting with a minister for some premarital counseling.  They are in front of the man five minutes before Jasmine begins steamrolling over Crosby.  When the minister asks them to imagine their marriage in ten years, Crosby panics and can't imagine his life in ten days, let alone ten years.

After Jasmine and her mother hijack the wedding plans, Crosby explodes and calls Jasmine a control freak.  They have a pretty serious argument that culminates in Crosby walking out on Jasmine.

At Camille's house, Haddie appears to be coming down from her rebellious high.  She has a heart to heart with Camille who urges her to "just go home".  Also on the Alex and caddie front, Max announces he wants to play basketball with Alex because he is a better teacher than Adam.  Later, as Haddie takes Camille's advice and returns home, Adam and Kristina welcome her with open arms.  They have a discussion in which they announce that the Alex embargo has finally been lifted.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Sarah: Hey, I didn't hear you come in.
Zeek: I caught you looking at porn, didn't I? That's okay, they did a study, ninety-eight percent of....
Sarah: Dad! I wasn't looking at porn.

Seth: MJ, these are my kids, remember?
MJ: Wow, I haven't seen you guys since you were babies.
Amber: Yeah, neither has he.