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Joel and Julia are in the middle of trying to make a baby when Sidney screams out because she’s having a nightmare.

Jasmine and Crosby are finally back together and she feels overwhelmed with her life at the moment.

Adam isn’t sure about Gordon’s intentions, especially when he picks Sarah to run their booth in the 2011 spring shoe show.

During family dinner, Camille brings up to the family that the therapist wants them to do something fun together. Zeek is very excited to do some ballroom dancing with her.

Kristina goes to her first group meeting with other parents that are dealing with a child who has Asperger's and finally feels connected and not alone.

Amber helps Sarah study for her upcoming meeting and she asks her mom to give her forty dollars. Sarah naturally is suspicious because it’s the second time in a week that she’s asked her for money. After feeling guilty Sarah gives Amber the cash.

Amber informs her friend that she really needs the tutoring and doesn’t want to be wasting her money on smoking weed.  

The ballroom dancing doesn’t go as Camille expects it to and Zeek ends up having a better time dancing with a young man named Tony.  Camille later tells him that she just wanted to spend time with him, now he’s off the hook because she doesn’t want to do it anymore.

Joel stands up to Julia about having Sidney sleep with them, but Julia tells him that it’s something that she needs.  Later that night, Julia has a talk with Sydney about sleeping in her own bed so that Joel can also get some quality time with her and Sydney agrees since daddy’s are like babies sometimes.

Kristina tries to tell Adam how important the group meetings are to her, but he won’t listen. Eventually, he comes around and goes to the group meeting where he’s able to share how he’s feeling.

Sarah kicks butt in the booth position with Gordon. At the end of the day, Gordon pops open a bottle of champagne just as Sarah’s love interest stock guy comes by and tries to talk to her, but she turns him down.

Gordon walks Sarah to her car and not only tells her how great she is, but gives her a passionate kiss goodnight.

Crosby and Jasmine are about to go in for their interview with the potential school they want Jabar to get into. Crosby asks Jasmine to wear a fake wedding ring to bring their A game, and at first she doesn’t accept it, but after seeing another couple, she quickly changes her mind.

During the interview Jasmine realizes that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea being married to Crosby.  When they get home she thinks he might pop the question, but he gets cold feet and calls her awesome.

The episode ends with Kristina and Adam playing cards with their son.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Amber: Dude we're not gonna smoke weed during our tutoring session.
Amber's friend: What? It's organic.

Jabar is going to get into a great school - I promise.