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Sarah ponders having another child this week, while Julia and Joel receive important papers.

The San Francisco Weeky does an article on The Luncheonette.

Sarah explores the possibility of having another baby.

Joel, Adam and Crosby are looking for a sixth poker player, and Sarah suggests Mark.

Zoe's boyfriend calls her at the Graham's house and Joel is very unhappy.

During the poker game, the guys continued to quote Adam's article angering Crosby.

Zoe breaks up with her boyfriend and gets the adoption papers signed.

Sarah confronts Mark about what he said about having a baby.

Adam and Crosby work through their lifelong sibling rivalry.



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Parenthood Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Sarah: I thought 40 was the new 30!
Doctor: Not for your ovaries, no.

Makeup Man: This little crease will not go away.
Adam: Okay, are we about done?
Makeup Man: No, no. You have a very shiny T-Zone. We're just getting started. It's a lot of work, all right?
Crosby: You know I always tell him he should exfoliate and he just won't listen to me.