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Adam bonds with Haddie this week and Sarah and Drew tackle an embarrassing issue during a road trip to see Zeek's mother this week.

Drew walked in on Sarah and Mark having sex, a secret he held during the road trip.

Max calls Kristina a bitch when she unplugs his video game, so they stay home from the road trip as punishment, along with Nora.

Zeek feels a pressure he cannot put into words to show his mother the greatest achievement of his life.

Kristina and Max come to an understanding and meet the family at Grandma Blanche's.

Zeek gets some satisfaction from his visit with his mother.


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Parenthood Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Camille: Zeek, the walkies...
Zeek: One per car. Please don't lose these.
Joel: It'd be hard to.

You are such a bitch!